we need to come up with the basic layout of the board.

Should it be catagorized into two forums - evangelicals and non-evangelicals.
I need help on this. I have been thinking and I would like others to put some
thought into this as well.



Thanks for setting this up Gene.

Personally I would not divide the discussion along evangelical/non-evangelical lines. I don’t really understand how forums work so I am not sure what to suggest but you might have a biblical-theological section and a philosophical-theological section (for the kind of arguments discussed in my chapters 1 and 7) and a practical section (e.g., issues linked to how we live, pastoral stuff, evangelism), a church history section and devotional section (spiritual development and encouragement)

Just ann idea


WoW now theres an Idea!
Since this is basically birthed by GM’s opinions of possibiities. Perhaps using the book to establish the site is helpful.

I love that Idea of Theological and Philisophical arenas to disucss.

Culture & politics would be good; I’m sure EU probably range ALL over the place on these issue. I know my Dad (in law) who also subscribes to EU is far more liberal than myself.



I think this will work while we’re still a group of friendly people who get along and aren’t arguing too hard over eternal destiny. When AngrySecuarist or HardCoreTULIP turn up things might need more regulation, or just harsh moderation.


Perhaps we could have an category for personal news. (But we need to be careful with how much personal news we share online.) I’ll briefly share that my 86-year-old mother died this morning. My Mom is a believer in Jesus, and I knew that she could go home any day. I was glad I had a good visit with her last week. I’m her sixth child. She endured while I struggled with drugs, witchcraft, and psychosis as a teenager. And my Mom rejoiced when I came to Jesus, even though she was Roman Catholic while my leaned toward the Charismatic-Pentecostal movement. And my Mom cheerfully put me through a Pentecostal Bible College. (Now, I’m a Neo-pentecostal Universalist.:slight_smile:)


I’m sorry to hear of your loss James but glad that you seem to be coping well. My grandad died in similar circumstances (old, happy) and I think I know how you feel. Sure, we’re sad to see them go but they’re better off where they are :slight_smile:


I wonder if we should have a FAQ to Evangelical Universalism.
Perhaps we should dialogue on 10 major questions for people to read up for quick references.
heres an illustration:

  1. Did you ever wonder if God truly risked creating a world in order to have a real relationship with mankind?
  2. Did it ever cross your mind how a perfectly loving God can torture someone forever without hope of reconciliation?
  3. Does mankind have a choice in his salvation? Does it matter?
  4. Is there biblical reason to posit the salvation of all?

What do you guys think?



Aug, those sound like great questions for the board one way or another. You could start by posting each question individually and perhaps we’ll develop a consensus on how to answer the questions for FAQ’s.


I think I will try to install what is called ACP Announcement. It’s a mod that allows us to install an announcement onto the board index. This will allow us to post up what we want people to really be involved in devoloping.

For example the announcement may read something like…
Help devolope our Statement of Faith - (link to statement of faith thread)
Help us develope 10 FAQ’s on Evangelical Universalism - (link the the discussion thread)
Please stop by and introduce yourself - (link to introductions)

Perhaps that might be the way to get people into these threads to participate.