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Arminianism, Grace and the Freedom of the Will

This was briefly discussed in the Challenge thread. I thought I’d move it here so if any further discussion emerges, it wouldn’t clutter up that thread. I doubt I could defend Arminianism from any of you, but if I get the time, I’d love to try! Anyway, Auggy, below is what I meant to say.

What I meant was that God is ultimately the cause of our choice in the sense that we cannot, independent of God, choose our salvation in Yeshua ( – it really gobsmacks me that there are thousands of websites circulating misinformation that Arminius taught a pelagianism). No one has their own free will (this is clearly point three of the Remonstrance). But you are right when we say that we have the freedom of the will to reject God’s grace. Humanity is not presently saved because most choose to actively resist the universal (“prevenient”) drawing. Prevenient grace may overcome the passive resistance of the depraved nature, but it cannot forcibly overthrow active resistance. If it were imposed it would destroy the will and the authentic glory and love God deserves. That is simply the nature of gifts – they must be offered with the risk of rejection. (However, I do believe that God’s love will ultimately be accepted, though it may take the ages of the ages. I say this only because this outcome seems to be revealed, not because I think people are necessarily more likely to change their wills in the afterlife.)