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Atlantis, Temple of Poseidon


Atlantis was not transported to the End Times but Plato projected EndTimes Babylon into a remote past. He converted the sunrise into sundawn and vice versa. He converted Babylon DOCX into Atlantis PDF, making it a contra creation story. Babylon as the eastern and northern dimension of Tzafon was projected to the western dimension on the horizon beyond Gibraltar.

What else could the temple of Poseidon be than the temple of the antichrist. This temple will be located in Jerusalem. Who said that Atlantis was a Greek story? The aurichalcum in the temple was a little bit translated with white bronze in Revelation 1:18 & 2:15.

Atlantis as EndTimes Babylon:


Lol, what did I just read?


temple of the antichrist in 2 Thessalonians 2