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It might be a wee bit of a wee little thing, but when I tried putting up some avatars I found it to be rather difficult to do so, and for a few reasons. Namely, the avatar size (KiB?) was very, very small…And I also like to have my avatars as .PNGs, because I usually digitally paint my own avatars (like my current one) and so I save them as .PNGs.

I was just wondering if it were possible to increase the available size of the avatars to allow for .PNG files and perhaps, more detailed avatars to begin with. It might be easier for the users to use avatars and upload them, since I had to more or less try and figure out how to specially save mine to be uploadable.

Just a little thought.

Peace to all. :smiley:

The maximum dimensions were: 172 pixels wide & 120 pixels high, file size: 6 KiB.
But I’ve just increased them to 200x200, 18 KiB

I used the free image editing program Irfanview (plugins installed) to crop, resize and the “Save for Web” function to make it meet the requirements.

As a page can have up to 50 posts, I have to be careful not to make the image size too big, otherwise it will be slow to load (particularly on smartphones). What size & dimensions were you thinking?

I prefer png files too, in fact I’m using one for my avatar already :ugeek:

Trying out the new size… Pretty generous Alex! I love it. I think it’s reasonable though.

(If anyone was interested/wondering… this is me on top of a pillar at Qalaat Semaan, near Aleppo in Syria. In the 5th century AD the ascetic Saint Simeon spent 39 years on top of a pillar there as an expression of seclusion and devotion to God. His strange form of worship and radical piety attracted large crowds, and in the pursuit of greater seclusion he sought refuge on higher and higher pillars (the highest reaching fifteen meters into the air). He would preach twice a day to the amassing crowds – largely on usury :smiley: )

Oh yes! Many thanks! Now we can have higher quality avatars, and especially a little bit of transparency (for which I adore png’s for) :smiley:

Many, many thanks and blessings! Now where is that celebratory dancing emote… :laughing:

Oh well, this will do for now; :mrgreen:

200x200 with 18 KiB (lol, still not used to that measurement) seems perfect. :slight_smile: Uploading is a much easier endeavour now, and with a larger range of freedom for avatar options.