Away traveling for 3 weeks


Just a quick post to say that I’m preparing to leave town for the next three and a half weeks (and even to leave the country for a good portion of that time). So I may have no further opportunities to post anything for at least another month. But I will respond, briefly and inadequately, to Pat’s question, and it is possible (though not guaranteed) that I may be able to sneak in another item or two as well. My thanks to all who have contributed to the various discussions.



Waah!! :cry:

We’ll miss you, Tom; come back soon! (With reports on anything interesting you did. :wink: )


Yes have a good time on your journey Tom,



Tom, your response to my question was not inadequate, but instead was very helpful! :slight_smile:

I hope you have a wonderful adventure over the next month!

  • Pat


Hello all,

I’ve been away from this forum much longer than I had anticipated, in part because I have been overwhelmed with work and personal responsibilities ever since I returned from vacation at the end of March. But because some of that work is now cleared away, I should have a bit more flexibility for a short while anyway. I also look forward to a discussion with Dr. Peoples.

I trust that all is well with those who frequent this forum.




{sneeze} ugh, sick…