Baggini on the New Atheism

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I found this very interesting, especially as I quite like Baggini :slight_smile:


I haven’t read the article yet; but I would like to note that I honestly wouldn’t mind if a stronger more sober atheism and/or naturalism comes out of responses to the NA. Good opponents are always to be appreciated, and an increase in rationality should always be encouraged and hoped for (even if the increase seems to be helping ‘the other side’.)

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the NA movement will ever get much weaker. Rhetorical foof, by its nature, will always tend to be more widely impressive. (That’s true about any other apologetic topic, including Christianity, too.) But the next generation of atheists could dig through the chaff for the wheat, and present a far more concentrated (and to that extent truly weighty) case for atheism (and/or anti-theism and/or whatever else it is the NAs keep launching about.)

Anyway, thanks muchly for the article! :slight_smile: