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Belief, dogma, skepticism

This is a very good essay that deals in some detail with the positive side of skepticism. The essay concentrates on one Sextus Empiricus, writing in the 2nd century, more or less.
Unfortunately it is too long to quote outright, so if you are interested you will have to follow a link, which is very hard, because you have to push a button :slight_smile:

here is some view on the opposite side of skepticism. There is good news out there.

Dave, we are in the 21st century, things have changed. God is indeed working. And for the good of mankind. Just my take…

I know. I should have pointed out that the essay is about unbiased examination of dogma and belief, not about being pessimistic. There was a school of thinking around Jesus’ time that was basically ‘study everything, join nothing’ ; that’s what scepticism meant to people like Sextus (which was actually my nickname in college, lol), in very general terms.

Thanks… And sorry… Running and posting at the same time. Sometimes it does not work.

Actually, I am by trait an incredible skeptic, and I am working very hard at erasing that trait from my being…

So go figure. :roll_eyes:

P.S. the post on presence is kind of good for those of us who ‘tend’ to look at the negative side… Not saying that you do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: