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bible translations ?

which versions do you prefer ? and why ? , are there any you would recommend over others ?

I use multiple ones. I like the Concordant Literal Version, available through

I find … =24&ncc=24 very useful.

I mainly quote from the ESV as it’s “accepted” by the mainstream evangelicals and yet has some hints of EU :slight_smile:

I like the NIV for most purposes, mainly because I’m familiar with it.

Since I’m not able to read the original languages… I prefer to wrestle with a literal interpretation rather than allow a translator to approximate meaning for me.

So, my preferred translations are Concordant Literal (CVOT for old testament & CLNT for new testament) and Young’s Literal Translation (YLT). I have become a big fan of the CLNT, unfortunately the CVOT is not yet a single book (I have about half a dozen paperback books on my bookshelf that make up the CVOT).

If you’d like a hard copy of the Concordant Literal version - visit Their website isn’t the greatest, and shipping takes an eon, but I love my CLNT.

I also use a free software package called E-Sword to do all of my word studies and cross referencing… but I know there are a number of web sites that offer the same features as E-Sword.

I use e-sword too for study purpose and usually flit between Young’s Literal, Concordant Literal, King James with Strong’s references and NIV, or TNIV.

It’s really great to be able to quickly compare translations if there’s something
a bit questionable or difficult to understand.

For general reading or hard copy I use NIV.


For devotional type reading I like to switch up translations every few years. It helps to get a different perspective on scripture. I’m enjoying the TNIV and HCSB currently. For study, like many others, I use multiple translations and work with Greek and a little Hebrew as I can.

thank-you all [there’s that word again] for your responses , I should have used a little more clarity , I’m mostly referring to the
translations that point to u.r. -if you had to pick one which would it be ?
lol Arronk, I enjoy character shinning through humour ‘‘it will take eons’’

I don’t use translations that point toward UR. I just use translations. Lots of them for cross-referential purposes. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any translations that specifically point toward UR anyway; and I would be kind of suspicious of one, as much as I would be of a translation that specifically pointed toward Arm or Calv soteriology. That would seem to be an ideologically driven translation, not a critically accurate one.

A UR commentary would be very nice; and I wouldn’t mind if that was combined with a new translation that helped neutralize some doctrinal proclivities occasionally read into texts. (Such as the NASV’s translation of Isaiah 2:9 as “do not forgive them”, when the verb makes more immediate contextual sense read with another common meaning.) But that wouldn’t be absolutely necessary, and might require as much or more commentary to explain the rationale for the new translation as for commenting on an already common translation. :wink:

Incidentally, I read and profitably used Knoch’s Concordant Literal translation for years without realizing he was a universalist, and in fact fully expecting he was a non-universalist. He did a good job eliminating bias, even in (what turned out to be) his own favor. :slight_smile:

I don’t in the slightest disagree with what you have said ‘’ I would be suspicious…’’ ‘‘ideologically driven…’’ , I was thinking youngs ect . I have never really picked one of these up and had a good read !
wow on the concordant literal ! :astonished:

I like the CEB. However, I’m most at home with the NIV and I have a lot of respect for the NRSV.

I use Bible Hub ,which is on line, as it has many translations as well as Strongs Greek. For TANACH, I like Young’s literal, for NT I like Weymouth. I recently bought David Hart Bentley’s NT and really like it. It is not on Bible Hub.

I’m also not stuck on the above mentioned translations. I generally to look a several versions for comparison purposes.

I’ve been interested in DHB’s translation; I did get TomWright’s Kingdom New Testament and it is very good in most places.