Biblica Backs Universalist Editor


See the second article on page 10 in the link below. Robin Parry offered his resignation from Paternoster Press, but the board rejected the resignation.


That’s odd. I hadn’t gathered that Robin believes in total successful post-mortem conversion before the general resurrection. (Some pre-res conversion, perhaps, but not total.)

I don’t have his book here at the house, but I’ll check again at the office this morning–specifically his chapter on RevJohn would seem to clarify his beliefs on that one way or another.

This is important because if Robin actually teaches some form of “eternal condemnation” after the general resurrection, then the Biblica decision would have even more ground. At worst, if his interpretation of eternal condemnation isn’t acceptable within the intention of the board, they can still fall back to grandfathering him in.

(Or rather, at worst someone will point out that when the statement of faith was revised in 2005, Robin could be said to have implicitly endorsed it rather than offering his resignation at that point–but a total pre-res conversion is going to have trouble synching with a post-res “eternal condemnation” under any interpretation of that phrase. Not impossible, perhaps–I can imagine at least two options myself: an RC version of purgatory, “Godly/from God/God’s own” “crisising”, for some but not all of those already converted, which would be everyone in this case; and/or a loss of potential rank in the kingdom, maybe permanently so, as a result of God’s judgment post-res. But again, I don’t recall Robin arguing or even professing a belief in favor of either of those two options.)

Clarification, Robin? (Is it only that I’ve misread you this long? :laughing: :mrgreen: Or some other answer?)


I’m unsure of Robin’s view, but I believe that the open gates in Revelation imply that people will or could get saved after the Final Judgment. And I find it interesting that in The City of God, after Augustine condemned the Origenists, Augustine rebuked a group of believers who said that intercession of the saints will ensure that all get saved before the Final Judgment.