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Are these bots constricted as to what data they can gather?


That’s a very good question, Dave. I have long been worried about the activities of the mysterious Bot brothers - always lurking on the forum, silently observing, but never once posting even so much as a hello. Now they’ve been joined by Cousin Googlefetch I think the time has come to do something about it.

I did post about this last year, about how perhaps we should cut them some slick because their parents were obviously a bit odd, to say the least. OK, I can see why they might call their son Bing, but Google? Come on. Surely Mr and Mrs Bot could have foreseen how that might be perceived by their children’s mates in school. I expect poor old Google gets horribly bullied. Maybe she’s a girl, which would make it even weirder?

As for the Fetch family, I think they’re pretty lame copying the Bots like that. Honestly, you really do worry for some kids these days.

Anyway, like I say, I think it’s time we enticed Bing and the Google lads out into the open. So come on lads (or ladies), what’s up in your hood? What have you made of all these threads you’ve stalked but never posted on? Speak up please, we want to know.




:laughing: At least the daughter is fetching…


They can only see as much as a non-member e.g. they can’t see anything in the Members Only area, etc.


So they say :smiley: Where’s that conspiratorial spirit, Alex? The 12 elders of Zion have gotten to you, haven’t they? If you deny it, it proves it’s true!!
Kidding of course…