"Board rules and policies" under construction?


When I tried to view this today, I got the “To view or post in this forum you must enter its password.” message. :confused:


We have decided to start making secret rules, so that then we can enforce them at our leisure without the bother of people appealing back to the ‘form’ or the ‘spirit’ of the rules…


No, I’m just kidding; I’ve been seeing a broken graphic-gif there, too, ever since James updated with the most recent rule, but I hadn’t tried reading the forum yet (since he told the admin/mods what he had done and we agreed to it.)

Apparently he accidentally hit a button that password locks the category. Could be extra-annoying, if no password was set, since there may now be no way to access it again, even for the admins!

James won’t be able to do something about it until tomorrow, but I’ll see if Gene can do something sooner. (And I’ll poke at it a little, with my mod powers.)