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Brennan Manning Free Download

Free Download

Book: The Ragamuffin Gospel

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The Relentless Tenderness Of Jesus

The Victorious Limp

The Abba Experience

God Loves You

iDo You Know Jesus Intimately?

Thanks for the link, David. Why oh why they ask for a credit card number I don’t know! In any case I think I can purchase the book for a few bucks.
I like the quotes quite a bit.

Dave my brother, Brennan Manning expresses our Father in profound dimensions. I like him very much. His trials produced an incredible trail!

I trust I have not opened you to rascals who long to have your credit card # for their schemes. Watch it closely, perhaps a limit would be wise.

David, I’m sure they are just fine. I’m just a bit reluctant to put that info out there. I found a good copy of the RG with free shipping, and I prefer paper books anyway for most things.

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