Brian Mclaren on "farewell Rob Bell"


I got to say, I love it when false teachers and dare I say, the “H” word, Hhhhhhhheretics condemn criticism and promote love and support by you know…criticizing others. Come on daddio, chill out and relax…I am just saying, lower your standards and let’s talk about it and have an open dialogue. :ugeek:

“The right wing of Evangelicalism will, I imagine, require people to answer the “Bell question,” and in so doing, pass or fail the latest litmus test. Those who fail will be purged - which appears to be the purpose of John Piper’s already-infamous tweet, “Farewell, Rob Bell.” (Fare “well?” - is this a sign of sympathy? It could have been - “You’re going to hell, Rob Bell!” - Ah, perhaps John Piper is a closet universalist too? - Just kidding, of course.) Many, subjected to these litmus tests, will capitulate and throw Rob under the bus, even though in their heart they think he’s onto something. Others will try to stake out a pseudo-middle position, respectable with conservatives without being needlessly mean-spirited towards Rob, but they’ll make sure to distance themselves from him. Hopefully more than a few who in the end disagree will do so in a fair, honest, charitable way, having truly and openly considered what Rob is proposing…”

John Piper is a “right wing”? I have never known John Piper to get caught up in politics…Ooohhhhh that is Brian’s way of saying, “literalist” but “right wing” has such a negative connotation not to mention inaccurate but he just couldn’t resist the jab. Therefore he is lying…I mean I am not calling him a liar…just saying that it’s possible, I mean we can talk about it even have a dialogue about his lying.

Wow! Mr. Brian is finding it sad and unloving even disingenuous that people are not attempting to understand Mr. Rob Bell but to only criticize him and yet…correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Brian Mclaren doing the same? Heh! I am just saying :unamused:


What exactly are you trying to get at? Are you just trying to say we should discuss without criticizing others? or am I being dense and missing your point?



Hypocrisy. God Bless! :slight_smile:


I think right/middle/left wing is pretty standard in the field of theology, too, nowadays Oxy, at least in North America and England (and I think also Europe generally). People aren’t usually insulted about being categorized as left (theologically liberal) or right (theologically conservative), except insofar as they believe they’re somewhere on the spectrum other than where they’re being categorized.

If someone described me as being on the right wing of Evangelicalism I wouldn’t complain, because on the balance that’s where I would agree I am (middle-right anyway, though not far right). If someone described me as being far-left of Evangelicalism, much moreso far-left theologically, I would complain because the overall evidence points the other way. I would be annoyed at being considered even middle-left.

I don’t think John Piper would charge someone with lying if they categorized him as being on the Evangelical right wing. He would be much more liable to charge someone with lying (or rampant ignorance) if they categorized him as being on the left wing (for example because unlike some Calvinists he does sort of acknowledge that God truly loves the non-elect, at least in this life before hell, just not with saving love. Calvinists have been ‘churched’ before by hardliners on this topic, Paul Helm’s famous critique being one such example.)


Regarding JP:

I know its off topic, but I couldn’t help bringing that quote out. I have no reason to doubt your knowledge Jason, I’m sure you could support it - so what a shocking position (for Piper) to claim!


One of the more relevant sources for this (since it’s part of JP’s exchange with Tom Talbott) is … n-god-love

I think we have all parts of this exchange somewhere on site, though I don’t recall where at the moment.


Piper vs Talbott: … nation.pdf


Thanks to both of you. It’ll take me a while to read through the info thoroughly, but I’ve already read enough to confirm my opinion that we will go to extraordinary lengths to support our chosen belief system.


Well, that pretty much sums up where McLaren stands on the issue, eh?

He makes some good points there.