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Can true Christians mislead the church?

Can true Christians mislead the church?

“It is possible to be a true Christian and for various reasons have a distorted view of some truth in the Bible, and actually mislead the church with those teachings that are not fully biblical, and be saved — go to heaven. Those teachers will be saved, according to 1 Corinthians 3:15, though their work will be “burned up,” or at least part of it will be burned up. We should be thankful. Oh my goodness. Think of it. Think of all the denominational differences among us. Think of inside our denominations how many ways we interpret Scripture sometimes and how many different things we view.”

“If we had to be flawless and perfect in our teaching, pastors, small group leaders, parents, in order to be truly Christian, there’d be no hope, right?”


Origen, since this seems a matter of interest to you given you’ve raised it… do you have any past or current opinions on this issue you can share?

I think you’d like the beginning of this nice article from Paul Herring.

Provocative, to be sure. Thanks.