Can we ever find true freedom in the world?


Since we are always trying to find some new political system, social order, economic system, or church that will satisfy some desire for freedom. Yet, we still quarrel and fight, and cannot stand to have any of our freedoms challenged. It seems like atheistic philosophers always sought out freedom through some new social order, whether it was Marx in the abolishing of socio-economic classes, Nietzche saw that the problem was objective truth and goodness, John Stuart Mill saw the solution as utilitarianism. And there were and are other leftist statist minded movements that seek to abolish anything they see as enslaving, such as tradition, culture, or religion. Then there is also the postmodern movement, which is fueled on skepticism and deconstruction of all assumed beliefs and orthodoxies. I do agree that all these philosophical schools of though knew what was wrong with the world, but could never find a way to fix it. Even today, I find that the Libertarian Movement is very popular in seeing violence and force as the main threats to freedom, and therefore Government should be limited as much as possible, except to restrain people from using force. Then there is the new social ethic of tolerance, that says we should be respectful to people even if we dont agree with their views.

Then I have noticed that in many religious systems, they claim to be the true sources of freedom, through enslaving people to legalistic codes, and doctrinal conformity. This reminds me of RJ Rushdooney, a dominionist who claimed the only true freedom could come through making the law of moses the law of the USA. When all it could do is make a mockery of God, and make him look like another world power.

Yet, I cannot help think that all earthly freedom is a shadow of true freedom in Christ. Similar to how the Exodus from Egypt in symbolizing freedom from political slavery was a shadow of freedom from sin. Since God could have chosen the shadow of freedom from savage anarchy.


Hi Joe,

So what are you asking? Are you asking for a definition of freedom? Is it political, moral or religious freedom… etc. Good thoughts though :slight_smile:


I guess I would say freedom as being the ability to make choices without external coercion or force. Or in the sense of a wholly free will not controlled by something else, like peer pressure, social norms, fear, guilt or shame.


What do you think the truest form of freedom in Christ looks like?

Unstructured freedom from internal and external factors would result in internal and external anarchy. Total freedom would be a mess. We have social norms (some good and some bad… in fact most are probably grey). There is an internal framework (depending on various contexts) that guides each and everyone of us. It is made up of our spirits, genes and the result of various external structures that mould our characters.

To me, freedom in Christ doesn’t necessarily mean freedom from social norms and pressures, or even freedom from internal or intrapsychic structures. But rather as Paul said - to transform our minds to be like Christ, and the role that external positive peer pressure (more like peer motivation) can play in edifying one another as the body of Christ.

Freedom to me isn’t freedom from internal or external structures per se, but freedom from destructive internal and external structures. In this world we cannot be totally free from external structures, but the work of Christ hopefully will be a process of developing freedom from the oppressive reality of sin in our lives. And not just the consequences of sin, but the desire for it.

Philippines 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” :smiley: