Charismatic Emotional Faith Sharing


I am not sure if this is the correct name. But I know its fairly common in the Charismatic movement. I have found this especially common in non-denominational churches. This weekend, I attended a Catholic Retreat which centered around some speakers telling their stories of their conversion experiences with the similar formula centered around feeling something was missing, turning their life over to Jesus and how they were so deeply changed. I find many times there is a lot of emotionalism centered around the stories.

I was wondering what others think of this charismatic practice. For myself, I get a little bit uncomfortable, as I am not an emotional type, and tend closer to the more aesthetic and philosophical aspect of religion. However, I have absolute respect for those who tend to the more charismatic movement.


Well, I have spent years, hanging around a Roman Catholic priest. He has the gift of healing and hearing the voice of God. I have fallen down, on many of his healing masses. And the Roman Catholic Church, has no problem with this.

And I believe that God does healing also, outside the Christian church. Which in some cases (like the Native Americans), he’s provided guidance in visions…while the Jewish communicate, received it in a written format - via the Old Testament (see, Chanupa). This has been happening for centuries. And you can find it in healing contemplations, like the Fox Golden Key…Which is similar to Mary Baker Eddy’s and Joel Goldsmith’s, the concept of prayer.

I am part of an Anglican Church, which i belong to the ACNA. They have no problem, with being

  • fully scriptural,

  • fully sacramental

  • and fully spiritual.

In fact, I would classify BOTH the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church, as having these three categories. And operating via the Holy Spirit, both in their church setting and via their saints. And I honor the Pentecostal and charismatic churches, carrying on the tradition of Pentecost. Which means on TV, I like things like Katie Souza Ministries. But avoid folks like Peter Popoff., except for their marketing and entertainment value.

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I agree 100%. For me to be in a situation like that I would be more than a little bit uncomfortable; I’d feel completely out of place.


Could this also include the Lutherans? Considering they adhere to most of the same rites and sacraments.


Sure, Joel. I grew up in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. And I also attended church meetings, at the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

But just a word of caution here. I haven’t attended any Lutheran church yet, that incorporates gifts of the spirit - in their worship service.