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Chat night

Perhaps a chat system like Windows live would be a fun thing like 2 times a year?
Any thoughts?

I suggested something like this a long while ago but didn’t get much enthusiasm :smiley: However, I’m up for it if anyone else is.

I think it’s a fine idea, but I don’t have such a system myself. :wink:

Also, since we’re scattered from Great Britain to California (at least), it might have to be more like a ‘chat afternoon’ some Saturday. :slight_smile:

Good point JP. I think the GB pepople would have to be the ones who suffer since their the ones who cause all the problems in the world. What do you think of that Jeff?

We GB pepople (not to be confused with GB people :smiley: ) are some of the most entertaining, clever and accommodating beings on the planet who happen to live at longitude 0 (or thereabouts) and at the only place in the world where local time is correct (except for the abomination that is daylight saving time - which thankfully doesn’t come into force for a few months yet). It’s just a pity I’m not one of them.

Anytime over a weekend is fine by me :smiley:

'at a boy, JeffA! :smiley: