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Chris Pratt (no relation!) evangelizes MTV award crowd!


Hm, let’s take this opportunity to see if I can figure out how to post videos on the new system.

Be aware, this is kind of hard-PG-13; no cussing (well a little) but Chris clearly salted his message with some off-color jokes to try to make it more palatable. Oddly, the jokes tended to go over badly; the evangelism met with cheers and claps! Good job, fellow Pratt guy!

Here’s the direct link first, in case nothing else works:


…crap, no yt functionality that way…

Nope, that didn’t work either. I sense the necessity of calling upon our new sysadmin.


If it is a YouTube video, you just put it on a line by itself. Even if it is the YouTube abbreviation URL.


Ah, I see! Yep, that worked.


Jason, did you ever read “Spirit and Matter” by James Pratt?