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Christian fiction that doesn't suck?

I have always loved George macdonald’s fiction. It was through it that I first even heard of universalism. What Christian fiction have you folk found intelligent and uplifting? And no I am not talking about Left Behind or This Present Darkness or trashy Christian romance! I enjoyed some of those things when I was 12, when I also liked Hardy boy novels…

Hi - some of Charles Williams’s novels are pretty good - you probably already know that he was one of the Inklings - he, CS Lewis, Tolkien - there may have been one or two more.
The novels are Christian-themed. All Hallow’s Eve, Descent into Hell, just google the words ‘Charles Williams books’ and a list shall appear.
You may have already read Lewis’ “space” trilogy - good stuff - and his Till We Have Faces, which is a tour-de-force, a story of a sub-Christian pagan woman who - I’ll let you read it.


*American author T. Davis Bunn is good. I liked his legal thriller The Great Divide. Bunn is “Novelist in residence” at Oxford.
(Note: I saw today that Bunn has co-authored some novels with Janette Oke. Oke is the Canadian author of the When Calls The Heart books—about turn-of-the-century life on the Canadian western frontier. The popular Netflix series based on the novels was adapted for the screen by Michael Landon, Jr.—a Christian—the son of Michael Landon the actor of Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie fame. Netflix’ When Calls The Heart adaptation has also been in the news, because the actress who plays one of the main characters, Lori Loughlin, recently got fired from that series, and also from Fuller House, for her part in a college entrance bribery scandal involving her husband, daughters, and some other actors.)

Of course, I like George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and W.P. Young’s The Shack.

*Bodie and Brock Thoene write good historical novels.

*Jan Karon’s Mitford novels are well-received.

*Stephen R. Lawhead writes fantasy and sci fi. I liked his In the Hall of the Dragon King.

(I too am looking for leisure reading recommendations. I prefer engrossing, entertaining fiction, by Christians, or non-Christians. Thanks.)

Try mine lol… New author

The Singing in the Stars

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Ok, I downloaded it …Kindle Unlimited. Will give it a try!

What were you hoping to accomplish with writing in this genre?

George MacDonald’s novels.

See some of the titles here:'s+novels

All are available free from Gutenberg. For example, download “The Princess and Curdie” here: