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Christian music suggestions


Benny Hinn worship music & services:

Don Moen concert … lbeHjhdPY8

“El Shaddai & Thy Word” Amy Grant

Amy Grant - Father’s Eyes

Search Me O God - Crazy Lovers of Jesus - Texas Young People … _a6aMB_wyc

Many weary years I vainly sought a spring - Lovers of Jesus Through the Ages … &index=123

Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy Beauty - Hymn1159 … _a6aMB_wyc


It’s kind of you to post the music, Origen. I actually liked two or three of them, especially the last one which used the music of an old hymn.

I may be a creature of the past but I still prefer the old hymns and choruses I used to sing many eons ago. You know, the ones Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, even Elvis Presley (My Mother’s Hymnbook) could sing so well.


Thanks Norm!


Didn’t care for Elvis’s rock stuff(sans maybe 2 or 3 songs)but I love his Gospel stuff!


I listen to choir/choral,hymns,classic Gospel and Christian metal as far as Christian music!


Best Gospel Songs by Elvis Presley:


Am I the only one here who listens to ‘secular’ music?


No :mrgreen:




VIA DOLOROSA - Sandi Patty


Don Francisco- “Beautiful To Me” (Original Version)

Don Francisco - I Could Never Promise You


Plenty of smooth jazz gospel music on YouTube. … 3UH6_ZVihJ


Thanks for the suggestion, Andre. I’ve enjoyed listening to the relaxing & inspirational Jazz for several hours while reading.


Don Francisco is good people. I am friends with his wife, Wendy in facebook. It was actually amazing… 10 years ago I emailed her asking if both her and Don were Universalists. She wrote back and said no, but that they emphasized God’s grace. They never talked about Hell in any of their songs… I figure they were like most good people and tried to bury the Crazy Uncle (Hell). Now, Wendy & Don seems to be a pretty hardcore Universalist these days, and I like it. :slight_smile: - Regardless, of their position on that, they make beautiful music. Probably my all-time favorite Christian music singer.



Anonymous 4 on youtube