Comic that illustrates our natural mistrust


Although, I think even though Christ was aiming for D, He even encouraged B & C i.e. love you enemies, not just those who love you. The first comic also illustrates that instinctively we don’t trust people, otherwise we would pick D :unamused:


This comic illustrates well the inversion of morality that comes from truly following Christ. The outcome boxes invert - I do what I should for others FOR MYSELF! If I behave poorly, it destroys me!

Altruism is c–p. It’s like the man saying prayers loudly, or ostentatiously tithing his gold coins. What we learn as we follow Christ is that our self-interest broadens to incorporate more and more of the world. For Christ, His self-interest incorporated ALL. Righteousness isn’t masochism, or done for social “props”, it is food for the soul.

Even the original “prisoners dilemma” is incomplete, as some criminals have enough sense of their own character to say “I’m not a rat. Period. I’ll rot in here for five years if that ratfink squeals, but I ain’t a rat”. He’s doing it for himself.