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Committing The Infinite Sin

Only those who were around at the time of Jesus could have committed the infinite sin out of hardened hearts. It was Satan and his angels and those that crucified Christ who committed the eternal sin. This is why Christ returned in judgment in 70 A.D. To punish with everlasting destruction those that rejected Christ. The worst sin in human history was the crucifixion of The God - Christ. All other sins are finite but this is a sin like no other seeing who Christ is. Only those that were around at the time of Christ could have committed the eternal sin out of a hardened heart. I believe that what’s left after Judgment Day is either the New Jerusalem or purgatory. Every knee will bow in heaven and on earth or under the earth. Under the earth is a reference to purgatory. For a good exegetical defense of purgatory and the early saints that believed in it and experienced it see:

A point the author makes in the book is that hell or the lake of fire includes purgatory. This was the view of Augustine and Aquinas.

Only those at the time of Jesus could have committed the eternal sin

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has to do with accusing Jesus Christ of being demon-possessed instead of Spirit-filled. This particular type of blasphemy cannot be duplicated today. The Pharisees were in a unique moment in history: they had the Law and the Prophets, they had the Holy Spirit stirring their hearts, they had the Son of God Himself standing right in front of them, and they saw with their own eyes the miracles He did. Never before in the history of the world (and never since) had so much divine light been granted to men; if anyone should have recognized Jesus for who He was, it was the Pharisees. Yet they chose defiance. They purposely attributed the work of the Spirit to the devil, even though they knew the truth and had the proof. Jesus declared their willful blindness to be unpardonable. Their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was their final rejection of God’s grace. They had set their course, and God was going to let them sail into perdition unhindered.

In a similar vein I had this to say in the last paragraph of a post back in this thread here…

Thanks Davo. I would just add that the Bible calls it the eternal sin. Only those who existed at the time of Christ could have committed it. It’s the only eternal sin in the Bible.