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Coptic Church and EU

I watched a report on the Coptic Church last night on 60 Minutes and the problems they are facing in Egypt. It went into a little of the history of the church and that got me thinking. Does the Coptic Church hold to a Universal view considering that Origin was one of the founding Fathers of the school in Alexandria? I tried to Google it and Wikipedia, but could not find a clear answer on their view.

I found the following with a Google search … &catid=183 … ter04.html

The answer seems to be that they don’t appear to believe in UR from the evidence of these websites (but we don’t know if these websites are representatives of all Coptic Christians)

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My opinion from listening to Coptic Orthodox talks and reading their writings, is that they are hopeful concerning the reconciliation of all people to God, but are not dogmatic about it.

I really recommend listing to Hany Mina Mikhail teaching on the subject of Divine Justice. Here is a link to the first lecture. There are 12 altogether.
Once you listen to the first, you will see the link to the second, and then to the third, and so on.

Hany shows that the Orthodox Church’s teaching on Atonement, Justice, etc. is markedly different from that of Roman Catholics and Protestants, both of whose “orthodox” position is that of penal substitution.

That’s good :smiley: There is always the possibility that they treat the doctrine with ‘reserve’ in official pronouncements too (hence the websites I found). I love Coptic religious Art - it’s iconic but the figures really look like the Copts I’ve met (who are handsome looking people with rounded and pleasant features).

Thanks Dick and Paidon for the links. I will look some more into it.