Could the Lord's Prayer be the recipe for evangelism??


I’ve been thinking about rline’s important thread on the Gospel and after yesterday’s drama, my wife asked me, “Why don’t I just let everyone get on with preaching the gospel, rather than giving Christians a hard time with your promotion of EU?” However, I’m not sure quite why that sparked this idea :confused: Anyway, I’m going out on a limb here, could the Lord’s Prayer be the recipe for evangelism (I realise I’ve argued that the Lord’s prayer promotes UR, but hey, it’s a cool prayer so maybe it’s both :mrgreen: )??


]Explain we all have a loving Abba Father (who is God) that we can actually communicate with./]
]God is the kind of God who deserves to be honored, hallowed and revered./]
]We’re are excited that His kingdom Has begun and look forward to seeing it actualized in the New Creation./]
]We want to do God’s will, partly because that will make earth a better place, like heaven, peaceful & harmonious./]
]We can ask God for things. It isn’t always glamorous, but He actually cares enough to provide for us./]
]Forgiveness is important. We should forgive and ask God for forgiveness./]
]Ask God to help you with your struggles. Ask Him to protect you from the evil one./]

I’ll admit it’s not traditional, maybe I’m being influenced by reading Love Wins :wink: Note no ECT mentioned!!! (I just noticed it’s has 7 steps, it must be inspired :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: )


I really like that, Alex! The Lord’s prayer is not only a model of how we should pray, but a model of how we should live as Christians, and invite others to live with us. That’s much better than “the Romans Road” or the “4 Spiritual Laws.” :sunglasses:



I like your idea too Alex! Sorry it’s been so hard. It’s difficult when people want to espouse ideas and then not talk about them, or allow for difference of thought. I remember when we were in a church bible study many years ago, weren’t even universalists back then, just asking difficult questions and how hard that was. Gene, especially, was made to feel like a troublemaker because he had questions that others didn’t. It’d be more difficult now to be in one of those bible studies and feel like people are limiting the love of God and changing up the gospel. I suppose we have to be patient and show discernment so as not to disturb the bee hive and have the whole nest after us. :mrgreen:


I can see where Shelley is coming from, but the gospel preached by many is in contravention of what in UK is called the “Trade descriptions Act” because it is really bad news for most people (and those who love them) - and not “good news” as described on the label! Having said that we all need to pick our battles carefully and not just blaze away indescriminately! :unamused:

  • like Amy says.
    You are right about the Lord’s prayer, it is a great summary of the gospel and I love your 7 point summary. And I agree with Sonia its all about the way you live, not just a prayer formula.