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[size=150]CRY of JUSTICE - Jason Pratt[/size] … 489&sr=8-1

(taken from Amazon)
An interesting, evocative tale. A powerful story of rebuilding and finding oneself when the world has gone topsy-turvy. Brutal and harsh at times, Pratt creates a real, hard, dirty world that is somehow still fantastical and full of magic and mystery. This is not a beach read. Daunting, but worthwhile. --Vanessa Lee for Front Street

Imagine reading the diary of a being from a different world, a different time. In Cry of Justice, readers meet several characters who stretch the concept of storytelling.Take the challenge this story presents. Dive into the hearts and minds of its people. Savor each page. Rest assured when you finish that the end isn t truly the end. Woven into the those final pages are hints of stories to come, which is a relief. Hurry, Mr. Pratt, for I do not know how long I will be able to wait. --Tonia R Montgomery, Curled Up With a Good Book

Once I got into the story, I was hooked. Pratt gets into the characters’ souls and lets you know what drives them. The different magical elements are a refreshing change of pace. Cry of Justice is a great book for fantasy fans. --Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

I should add that this is just a nice promo of a book of mine as a guest author (which Auggy put up on my birthday a few years ago. :smiley: )

It’s a novel, not a theological or exegetical analysis, and doesn’t have anything specifically to do with universalism. In fact, if anything, the claims made in the novel would seem to deny universalism!

Seem to. :mrgreen: I did write this after I became a universalist.

Without going into plot spoilage for the book, or for later books in the series: since I am a dedicated orthodox trinitarian theologian, as well as a Christian universalist, then you can expect one of two things…

1.) Ultimately I’m going to go with ortho-trin Christian universalism as the background cosmology of the series;


2.) Ultimately I’m going to go with something different (ortho-trin non-universalism, or non-ortho-trin non-universalism)–but if I do, then I have points to illustrate by doing so in comparison with what I believe is actually true and makes the most sense of any actually possible reality.

I assure you, I already know exactly which way this is going to be for the series; it’s built into the whole overarching plot structure, up to and including the (currently hidden) reason for why I use such an odd and rather unwieldy narrative structure instead of something more traditional. But it wouldn’t be any fun for readers to figure out for themselves if I spelled out what I’m doing beforehand.

(I will however say that I won’t be doing non-ortho-trin universalism.)

Anyway, the novel is supposed to be thoughtful entertainment at most. Forum members and guests shouldn’t be looking for it as anything more than that. Go find my actual theological work (available for free here at the forum and in some other places) if what you’re after is actual theology, exegetics, etc. Currently, links to my Gospel harmonization project and my metaphysical analysis project (both of which are trinitarian, neither of which are explicitly universalistic), can be found in my signature below.