Current problems


This isn’t here to be negative, just to provide a place to put up current (inevitable) issues. Let’s leave this thread up and add anything we spot. :slight_smile:

-Philosophical is spelt incorrectly in the name of the relevant forum.


Thanks for the help Qohelet.
Please inform me of any errors you catch.



It will be some time before the header image can change.

I’ve given a small graphic to replace the PHPbb logo. It will have to do for now until I get instructions on how to change out the whole header.

Color schemes will also take some time.

I’d like to get some feedback on the colors. I’m not too crazy about the lighter/light blue scheme. Editing these also will take some trial and error.



Attn: everyone,
I will be working with the header graphic on the forum for the next few days. Please excuse any informal asthetics you may experience during this time.




I’ve widened the forum so that it is a smidge wider. This helps to prevent a thread of 30 posts running down to become less, more like 20.

If anyone has a problem with the width (it was extended 100 pixels - 50 on each side) then please notify me and I’ll reduce it.




also the color scheme in the replys has changed from the blue shades to tan shades.
If anyone objects please state so.



the header logo is done for now. I’ll be working with the color schemes in the boxes for a while now.
If anyone HATES the color schemes, which are done in a more easy on the eyes earth tones, please notify
me asap. It’s a chore to get the colors to work with the header graphic.




Love the banner, hate the colours (but then blue is my favourite and I have no helpful suggestions) :slight_smile:


test for editing function.


I’ll be changing the colors on the banners every few days.
I prefer the brown myself because I like the earth tone easy on the eyes colors.

The original blues were too much “its a boy” baby colors.

I like the red and brown because the blue banner with all the blue was more like a polar forum.
The red (or brown) banner with the earthtone boxes (in the threads) gives the site more of a variant
on the color scheme rather then EVERYTHING IS BLUE.

So over the next few days we will be changing out the colors for feedback.



It might be perceived that the red banner signifies the people in hell being redeemed which is what seperates us from other evangelicals. :slight_smile:


Has anyone noticed a slow respons time on the forum?

I have had a terrible time the last two weeks. If so we may think about moving the forum after the first year to another server.

Let me know if it is responding slowly for you as well.



Aug, I don’t think I noticed a problem with speed, but I’ll try to pay more attention to it. We also want to consider the speed of this board compared to other boards and other web pages, which will help us to see if the slowness is with the board server or just a problem with PC speed and internet connection speed on the user end.


I haven’t been having a problem with speed, so much as with new posts not being flagged as unread sometimes. (This only recently began happening. Unless the problem is only in my imagination, which isn’t impossible. My short term memory is very spotty.)


has anyone experienced a problem with a “login” timeout? Have you written a post and when finished you lose it upon clicking “submit”?

The control panel is now set to 400 minutes to allow someone to post. It was turned off so I can only assume that it is buggy. I have now set it up to allow 400 minutes.

I hope this helps.