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Richard - I want to thank you for the review of Darwin’s Sacred Cause. … arwin.html

For those who have not yet read the review, here is how it ends:

"In short, Darwin’s thinking about shared human relationships, a shared family tree with common grandparents, inspired both his thoughts about race and provided him with the perfect metaphor to think about the Tree of Life. Darwin’s “sacred cause” both pushed and pulled his thinking about the origin of species. Each fueled the other.

Darwin’s Sacred Cause is a fascinating book because, I think, it decisively reshape how Christians should approach Charles Darwin. Properly understood, The Origin of Species was a moral document. A document that, more than any other, ended the era of scientific racism and helped bring global slavery to an end.

Further, The Origin of Species came to the aid of bible, lending scientific support to the growingly defunct biblical notion of “common descent.”

All of this should give Christians pause before they attack Darwin. A reevaluation is in order in Christian circles given the moral impulses within Darwin’s work. I encourage thoughtful Christians to pick up Darwin’s Sacred Cause and reconsider the man that many Christians have come to demonize."
Well worth reading.