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Details on the Forthcoming Book

For those of you interested in historical theology or universalism there is a forthcoming book that may appeal to you.

Gregory MacDonald (ed.), “All Shall Be Well”: Explorations in Universalism and Christian Theology, from Origen to Moltmann. Eugene: Cascade Books, 2010.

Here is the contents page

  1. Introduction: Between Heresy and Dogma—Gregory MacDonald

I. Third to Fifteenth Centuries
2. *Apokatastasis: *Particularist Universalism in Origen (c.185–c.254)—Tom Greggs
3. The Subjection of All Things in Christ: The Christocentric Universalism in Gregory of Nyssa (331/340–c.395)—Steve Harmon
4. Sin has its Place, But All Shall Be Well: The Universalism of Hope in Julian of Norwich (c.1342–c.1416)—Robert Sweetman

II. Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
5. Love is all and God is Love: Universalism in Peter Sterry (1613–1672) and Jeremiah White (1630–1707)—Louise Hickman
6. Union with Christ: The Calvinist Universalism of James Relly (1722–1778)—Wayne K. Clymer
7. Between Calvinism and Arminianism: The Evangelical Universalism of Elhanan Winchester (1751–1797)—Robin Parry
8. Salvation-in-Community: The Tentative Universalism of Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834)—Murray Rae
9. Postmortem Education: Universal Salvation in Thomas Erskine (1788–1870)—Don Horrocks
10. The Just Mercy of God: Universal Salvation in George MacDonald (1824–1905)—Thomas Talbott

III. Twentieth Century
11. The Final Sanity is Complete Sanctity: Universal Holiness in the Soteriology of P. T. Forsyth (1848–1921)—Jason Goroncy
12. The Judgment of Love: The Ontological Universalism of Sergius Bulgakov (1871–1944)—Paul Gavrilyuk
13. I do teach it, but I also do not teach it: The Universalism of Karl Barth (1886–1968)—Oliver Crisp
14. The Totality of Condemnation Fell on Christ: Universal Salvation in Jaques Ellul (1912–1994)—Andrew Goddard
15. In the End, God . . . :The Christian Universalism of J. A. T. Robinson (1919–1983)—Trevor Hart
16. Christ’s Descent into Hell: The Hopeful Universalism of Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905–1988)—Edward T. Oakes, SJ
17. Hell and the God of Love: Universalism in the Philosophy of John Hick (1922–)—Lindsay Hall
18. The Annihilation of Hell and the Perfection of Freedom: Universal Salvation in the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann (1926–)—Nik Ansell

I am hopeful that the book will be out in November. All that I can say is that it really is an excellent book! (Shameless plug!)

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What about Clement of Alexandria?

Saved for the sequel.


Glad to see the collection is almost ready for shelves, Robin!

The book is from Origen to Moltmann. So Clement of Alexandria would be in the prequel.

I’m so excited! :mrgreen: I’ve really been needing this historical analysis. It will be helpful for the book I’ll be putting together, as well. Don’t worry, credit will be given where it is due! :mrgreen:

Wow – that looks like an incredibly cool “next step” in the growing pile of evidence.
Eagerly await it!

Blessings GM/RP!!


Great, can’t to get a hold of this new read!!! :sunglasses:

Guess what arrived this afternoon, hot off the press!!!

You guessed it, I’m now the proud owner of “All Shall Be Well” :mrgreen:

It was actually for my dad’s Christmas present, but that seems too far away, so I’m thinking of giving it to him as a belated birthday present instead! That way, we’ll both get to read it sooner :sunglasses:

Auggybendoggy, James Goetz or Jason Pratt, can we please add this to the “Materials we recommend as a Community”?


Although, since you got it ahead of the rest of us, maybe you should add it (even moderate admin powers should work for that), so you can describe it better. :smiley:

I’ll happily add it, I just wasn’t sure if I was allowed as technically it says

Excellent news :slight_smile:

I like presents, even belated ones.

You can add “Alex” to that too, now. :smiley: (That was the admin list.)

Wow, Alex is a mod? Good deal. That was quick. :mrgreen:

And, this book is ready for ordering!? Oh, how I wish I had a job right now!

I am indeed :sunglasses:

I got my copy the day before Robin so I was extra chuffed :mrgreen:

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Don’t see it on amazon at all. Where you guys finding it?



It’s from Wipf and is ordered direct from them…
Here’s the link … o_Moltmann

Mine was mailed two days ago. :smiley:

Probably won’t be able to get to it right away though. Too many things ahead of it to read… :cry: :cry:


I too got mine directly from the publisher, however, I do believe it will be available on Amazon in a few weeks/months. The publisher gives good discounts on multiples too, in case anyone wanted to know :slight_smile:

It’s looking good so far. I read the chapter on Jaques Ellul to my wife last night, the von Balthasar section this morning, and am now dipping into Moltmann.

And it’s perfect weather for it.

A critical comment, but meant more as an observation than an argument. It does seem heavily weighted to the Modern Era.

We’ll have to ask Robin why he chose the people he did, when he gets back from his conferences in the US.

Personally, I assume that after the church condemned Origen for other things, universalism got unjustly tainted and it’s taken this long to get past that?? Anyway, being part of a remnant or minority for a little while doesn’t make it not true :stuck_out_tongue: