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Difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism


I found this article, in a Catholic publication interesting:

It essentially explains the big disagreements, between Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. And the issues I wrestle with…as I continue my RCIA dialogue with Roman Catholicism…and my dialogue, with the Orthodox Church in America. But for the record, I do see more stuff - via an orthodox lens.

And everyone can be rest assured, these things will remain:

I’ll continue with the path of Holy Foolery (1, 2)

I’ll continue with my scientific theory…that we live in a world, of multiple dimensions and parallel universes…and that everyone on this forum…is philosophically and theologically correct…in some parallel universe or alternate dimension.

I’ll still promote my theory…that the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE…is the most probable, end-times tribulation scenario.


Is the archbishop of Constantinople the pope of Orthodoxy?


No, not at all. But they would consider him, via an honorary title - as the first among equals. And if Rome ever reunites with Orthodoxy, then the Roman pope would be - the first among equals. It doesn’t mean they have central control over everyone. Nor that they have more power or authority. So if President Trump were sitting at the UN, with leaders of China, Russia, Europe, etc. Some might consider him to be, “the first among equals”.

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.”-- Dodinsky




It’s just an historical, honorary title - they gave him. I don’t know offhand, the history behind it. But here’s some sites, that give the answer. And I’ll be reading them myself:



So what are your feelings about this?


I assume you mean Roman Catholicism vs Eastern Orthodoxy, under the Orthodox Church in America. Well, I’m glad I’m going through the R.C. RCIA program. As it gives me perspective, on how they see things.

But my heart is more in Eastern Orthodoxy. And that’s the direction, I’m currently leading towards. I pretty much knew in a advance, what each church teaches. And the differences between the two.

The only thing getting use to with EO, is the fasting stuff. But it’s not so bad. It just means being vegan, for portions of the year. Which is probably quite healthy. At least, that’s what the Seventh Day Adventists state.

And if the dialogue here continues, i might have to continue tomorrow. It’s close to Halloween, and they are playing all kinds of zombie, monster and other interesting movies.


so can you tell us all why we should be Orthodox, …

Look forward to your post.


Randy, what is it you find lacking in sola scriptura?


Everything. For 1500 years or so, there were only one or two church directions (I.e. R.C. and E. O.). If Sola Scriptura is the “right” approach…as the Protestant Reformation has us believe…then we should see uniformity - in what the denominations believe. Rather than 30 K and counting - Protestant denominations. And ALL the different viewpoints - we see here. The Orthodox carry the understanding of Holy Scripture - as covered by Sacred Tradition - from the early days of the church. See this book, by a Catholic theologian

“100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura” – Review

I don’t give logical reasons, why you should be Orthodox. And the Orthodox don’t try to sell themselves. But they will answer questions, regarding serious inquirers. If you want to see, what Orthodoxy is about…then go visit an Orthodox Church…like the Orthodox Church in America

And the fasting is a no-brainer for me. I just take a cue, from my Indian vegetarian friends. Which means during their fast days, I eat Indian vegetarian food. And drink things like Almond and soy milk.

And if folks want to explore my “meditation” and “therapy” stuff…they can just click on my profile and see for themselves. And I can neither confirm nor deny, whether I have utilized certain therapeutic approaches. Same goes for Orthodoxy. Come and see for yourself.

The Catholic magisterium, likes to change things over time. Like Papal Infallibility. Which caused the Old Catholic Church to separate from Rome.

And things like their annulment process is potentially long, convoluted and expensive. Rather than a pastoral provision, on birth control and divorce/remarriage - like the Orthodox have.

And as I share my reflections with friends, here is what I tell them. And I don’t mean to offend, any Protestant or Catholic friends - on my list. Or any folks following paths, like Japanese light mediation (i.e. Sukyo Mahikari
and Johrei)…or Buddhist or yoga meditation. After all, I hang out will all you guys and gals. As Jerry Seinfeld once said:


I don’t know if differing viewpoints is necessarily bad , I suspect God intended this to happen so we learn to think even if we mess up. Of course a central authority tells you what to believe so you can do a lot less thinking. I think Zombies would like a strong centralized church!


What resonates best with me, is what is passed down - via centuries of tradition.

  • Where I believe that God gave the Native Americans info about himself…at the same time, he was directing Israel - via the Old Testament. See Red Road.

  • And for me, the Eastern Orthodox carries the purest elements - via Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition - which has been a part, of the early church. Remember that the Eastern Church never experienced a Protestant Reformation.

If either of these assumptions are wrong - on my part…then God will tell me, when I finally meet him.

As far as Sola Scriptura goes, I refer that to Jerry Seinfeld:


Then you should follow the Eastern Orthodox Church , you gotta be true to yourself, I’m obviously not a fan of the RCC as they have gone way beyond the EOC in that they actively replace biblical principals with their rules which all in the end have one thing in common, it gives them more power. The Protestant reformation was primarily to break free of the RCC and it splintered into thousands of pieces. But at least all of those pieces try to follow Christ however imperfectly.


Yes, this is very true. I mentioned somewhere, that I had decades of discussions…with a lifelong, Greek Orthodox member (and friend) Dora. Who has her PhD in Biblical archaeology from Oxford at 26… And is fluent in Greek, Koine Greek, Russian and English.

The Orthodox Church in America brings the Divine Liturgy in English.

Basically, I think the only reason…I 'm going through the RCIA RC program is:

  • To see how they see things.

  • To satisfy my RC friends.

And they would be happy, I chose an historical church - like Eastern Orthodoxy. And I’m on friendly terms, with elements of RC (i.e. sacraments, holy orders, saints and monasteries).

It’s probably like Goldilocks and the three bears. And the three beds (i.e. R.C., E.O. and Protestant).

  • One is too hard.

  • One is too soft.

  • One is just right.

Here’s the short and condensed, Holy Fool version - of that fairy tale.

Happy (up and coming) Halloween everyone.



In last week’s RC RCIA class, the leader talked about something about a “pledge of allegiance” - to the Catholic church - before a bishop. Before entering the Catholic church.

Last week, I also witnessed two young people - entering the Orthodox Church in America. They didn’t do a public "“pledge of allegiance”. All that happened was they were anointed with oil. And given an Orthodox cross to wear.

Or in Motorcycle gang terminology. They were BOTH prospects. Now they are full, patched in members.


I found this interesting article today:


Thanks Randy, I appreciate your view. I don’t think I’ll revert back to Catholicism or to the Eastern Orthodoxy, but you do make a very good argument why you shift that way. :grin:


No problem, Chad. I’m sure you are aware that…Chad is also a republic in Africa?

i assume from your statement, that you were once Roman Catholic? If so, was that in your youth? And what prompted you to leave, if I may ask?

I present this, as a public service - for everyone here:


Well, I was roman Catholic by design, in other words I was born into it.