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Difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism


What prompted me to leave? Well I was never a strict adherent to the RC idealism because I was made to go there. (I went to RC school from second through 8th grad" .and I was actually an alter boy, so time progressed and my dad became a ‘convert to a protestant view of scripture’ and he actually was the person that really brought the idea of Christ as savior into my life.

Now I see things in a different light, but I relish my time at ‘the local catholic school’ and the sacrifice my mom and dad made to give me what they thought was a superior education… And for what it is worth, some of it did rub off on me.


Thanks for sharing, Chad. It’s easy for me:

  • As one raised Lutheran, then later a Quaker and conservative Anglican…to make a jump to Orthodoxy

  • Or as a lifetime member, of the Theosophical Society In America (mainly for their extensive library collection)…To embrace the ancient wisdom, found in the Tibetan, Zen, Yoga, Raja Yoga and Red Road traditions. All in keeping with Christian Inclusivism (1,2,3,4).

  • Or go from watching ALL the AMC episodes, of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead…to embracing the theory…that the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE …is the most probable, end-times tribulation scenario.

Even if I make, the jump to Orthodoxy (pretty much a certainty)…As I’m drawn to their mysticism and liturgical style of worship… The main adjustment is that folks got to like Vegan diets, during their fast periods`… I will look upon myself, as a friend - of the Roman Catholic Church. The idea scenario is for more dialogue and opportunities for exchange, to occur between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

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I found this article, in today’s Patheos Catholic newsletter. I also subscribe to their Evangelical newsletter. I like to review, what all the churches are up to.