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Difficulty surrendering to God


CPC seems to be very hyper-dispensationalist and hyper-calvinist-ic. Martin Zender is a kneeslapper adherent of an example but I can somewhat agree with his more recent “absolute vs relative” dichotomy between God’s reality and man’s. Ernest L. Martin and L. Ray Smith are more of my ilk in terms of what seems to be a more (OT & NT) Scripturally based, deterministic yet compatiblist (equal parts synergistic and monergistic) viewpoint:

e.g. God being ultimately responsible for man’s salvation through Christ but mankind being no less accountable in their pursuit of salvation through Christ, with every thought, word, and deed going under review at either the Bema Seat/Dais of Christ or the Great White Throne Judgement. In summary, man may not have what we understand as libertarian “free will” but he undisputably has “free choice,” and will give an account for the stewardship of his decisions.


Sorry Cindy, I understand you perfectly. First of all, you of all as an admin should know of my idea of salvation… (if you scour the threads.)

But like you said, the idea that God is individual and unique to each of us, much like he made each of us unique and individual, is an intriguing idea. My point is that uniqueness is maybe what the God of Creation was or is looking for. Not being pigeonholed into a thought process or a given line of ‘need to think this way’ is an interesting thought. Really it has little to do with your idea of salvation, I just mentioned salvation, atonement and redemption as a segue to a different sort of looking at things.


Just a thought.

#43 - currently dealing what I believe to be the unattended reality of this topic, especially in my personal walk


I have found in myself that I am fearful of any arbitrary limitations, as I have had some past experiences of certain limitations making me feel disconnected from my true self. I guess this would point back to a time when I was in Fundamentalist Catholicism, and absolutely hated the experience. I found that I could not even surrender to God if he is some just external entity out there like the gods of antiquity.


is there anything necessarily evil about the ego? I am a little stumped about what constitutes the Ego. For me, the first thing that I think of when it comes to Ego is the intellect, or maybe over reliance on the intellect. Now I have found that the intellect does not have much capacity to think in both/and, and tends to think in a very competitive way. For example, in Trinitarian theology, the father, son and holy spirit are all 100% the Godhead, not father 1/3 God, son 1/3 God and Holy Spirit 1/3 god. This defies all standard logic.


Joe, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ego either. People should have a positive self-image. People who are cocky may have a positive self-image, but that doesn’t mean everyone who has a positive self-image is cocky. We’re not. Are you trinitarian?


Yes I am Trinitarian. Now I think the modern meaning of Ego is equivalent to the False self. I find that false self is a better term. But Richard Rohr describes the false self as the self that defines itself outside of relationship, and is a product of the mind.