Directions, please


I have a book here with the teachings of “The Church” (Assembly, or Ekklesia), and it seems to say that God will ultimately reconcile all creation to Himself.

It also talks about sin, and judgment, and there being different levels of understanding (“speaking wisdom among the mature”), so I understand that that’s not their whole message.

Still, it would seem that it should be part of it (if only a quiet part.)

I understand this “Church” was founded two thousand years ago, that the first generation of appointed teachers were told to appoint other men “who can teach,” and that this was done by “the laying on of hands” (I’m not sure if they continued that practice, but it would seem that they were intended to, or why start it?)

I undersand that the powers of the unseen could not prevail against this “Church,” that it still exists, and that it’s a body of people who still get together regularly (“foresake not the assembiling of yourselves together, but provoke one another to love and good works, and so much the more as you see the day approaching.”)

I’d really like to fnd this Church, Assembly. or Ekklesia, and I’ve been looking for it for a long time.

Can anyone give me dirrections?


I recall that this book of teachings also talks about this Church being a remnant of a remnant, and leaven in the dough, and salt of the earth, and other things of that sort.

Not a very satisfying answer. I wish I had a better one… But it does seem to fit the situation as is–people have quietly taught this in a minority, sometimes a minority of a minority, all through the history of that Church. Or come as close to teaching it as they dared.

It’s hard to direct anyone to hidden leaven, or to scattered salt. It’s painfully obvious what happens, however, when the salt becomes unsalty. :frowning: sigh.


That’s interesting Jason.

But where does it talk about the Church being “a remnant of a remnant”?

And how do we follow the instruction to assemble together all the more as we see the day approaching?

Should we attend Church only for fellowship, and keep our beliefs to ourselves?

If UR is true (and we rightly believe it’s the only teaching that does justice to God’s revealed character, and that it’s taught in scripture), how can we be benefited (or have our faith strengthened) by sitting through sermons that preach ET?

And getting back to the directions, should I stop at the local RC, EO, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, or non-denominational Church?

What about House Churches?