Discussion With the Author of Bell response book


I inadvertently started a conversation with the author, Mike Wittmer, of the book,* Christ Alone: An Evangleical Reponse to Rob Bell’s Love Wins* in the comments of Trevin Wax’s blog today. Thought some of you might enjoy it and could continue to help me reply to his criticisms.



I just took a look over at your blog. I don’t have time to read much right now, but it looks like you have some excellent posts and comment discussions! I’ll have to add you to my list of blogs I read. :sunglasses: And I love your title: “Reformed and Always Reforming”.



Let’s get him over here for some convo, eh?




I don’t know that its worth getting Michael Wittmer over here! He really isn’t very generous after all and he simply kept repeating himself and ignoring plain evidence I presented him with in my responses. I’m fine with disagreement, but at least take into account my responses and help move the conversation forward. He is a typical neo-Reformed thinker that elevates tradition above Scripture to the point that we cannot even reexamine or rethink doctrines. Its sad actually, because I wanted to drive the discussion beyond Bell, but it never even got deeper on Love Wins than his surface criticisms.