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Divine Reading / Lectio Divina Seven-Step Model

Free PDF download of “Divine Reading / Lectio Divina Seven-Step Model” by James Goetz

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Please let me know what you think of the devotional guide.
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I was taught this at a seminar at willow creek church a few years ago. I looked at the speaker names it was Judge and Amy Reinhold. Out loud i said Judge Reinhold (thinking theres two judge reinholds in the world?) He Walked in right as i said that. Yes it was the actor. It was kind of weird but they were pretty cool.

Hey redhotmagma, I’m glad that you learned this a few years ago. Did you think that my brief intro to divine reading is helpful?

Yeah it was good, but until you are in a movie like Beverly Hills Cop or The Santa Clause well you just don’t pull as much weight with this guy :laughing:

I do like the concept, haven’t practiced it too much though. Just a few times.


It’s an interesting idea. I have a book about this somewhere, and as it was for groups, my daughter and I tried it together maybe a half dozen times. It was really awkward, but we didn’t do it as you said in your paper (which is obviously directed toward one person). You did a great job, btw, very clear, understandable and with the blessing of being concise. Good work!

When I do something like this now, it’s mostly by accident. I like to memorize scripture, and the divine “reading” usually happens when I’m practicing a passage as I’m driving to or from somewhere (alone). Something in the passage will just “catch,” and next thing I know, I’m exploring some new length of trail that I hadn’t even imagined before. God is talking to me and I to Him, and it’s wonderful. I know, not strictly lectio divina, but more or less. God does speak to us through His word, and it’s always helpful to have some trail markers so that people can get at least an idea of how to start.

Blessings, Cindy