Does ECT (or annihilation) SOLVE anything?


It’s such a basic, simple question that I can’t recall ever seeing it addressed.

What we’re faced with, we sinners, is a problem. Sin; or the “Fall” – or something along those lines. We didn’t choose to be here, yet here we are. And like it or not, we are, from the moment of our birth, part of – immersed in – this problem. It’s dire and we need help…
… And the solution for our problem comes explicitly and entirely from God. In and through the person of our Christ.
God, then, is the grand and complete solution. Problem, however we might define it, is solved by God through Christ…
… And yes, it’s a grand and stunning story!

So, given this, what is possibly solved by hell? Or, what is solved by annihilation?
About the only answers to this that I’ve been able to come up with are these:

  1. God thereby proves how serious He was about sin. “See, I told you it’s effects are miserable…” and
  2. God thereby has some way to dispose of the bodies that have been determined to be unworthy and unsalvagable.

And that’s it.
What a hollow and puny “Victory” is hell!

What do you think??



Not surprisingly, I totally agree, I find if anything, ECT/P increases the problem of evil! i.e. evil would increase and intensify as time went on, because there would be no common grace holding it back!


Hi Bob
I agree that ECT presents a continuing tension (or problem).
I don’t see what the problem is with annihilation. If a soul chooses to move towards the embodiment of evil, if they loath the light to the point of completeness, and if God has allowed humankind the gift of choice which He is unable to overrule, then annihilation would be the loving action.
That soul is no longer part of reality, no longer part of the universe and hence universal reconciliation is achieved.


annihilation would solve the “justice” problem, if there were any that could look into the face of God and see the love there and STILL reject.
i’d fall back on that option if i was convinced that EU was wrong. but ECT really does not solve anything. i am in full agreement there! in fact, it creates problems!

God has warned of dire consquences in the past, but always with hope at the end. i find that the doctrine of ECT contradicts that aspect of His nature, hence the further problems it raises.