Does optimistic post-millennialism naturally lead to EU?


Has anyone else had this type of experience? Do you think is a natural step or was it just coincidence that I made the connection? Btw, I won’t be offended at all if you think it was a ridiculous jump or even if you think post-millennialism is just wishful thinking :slight_smile:

Eschatological View

I don’t think post-millennialism is wishful thinking and am glad you adopted the view! Not so keen on the universalism but hey, maybe later!


It did to me. When I realized that most of the Bible verses used for Hell had to do with Gehena, the dumpster used to throw away garbage and the dea bodies of criminals I was convinced. Also, when I realized that Christ and the Apostles were warning the Jewish people, of the fall of Jerusalem (The end times), as well as Revelation. I saw things diferent.

I do believe that Christ will come again, but I believe that The Lord comes (Makes Himself present) in many instances in the Bible, thus he was present in AD 70, and will be present again in teh future. Anyway, that is another subject.

The thing is that, if all has been fulfilled already, and the Kingdom of God is a reality, then God’s power is working in all to bring all to him, may that be in this life, or in the other. Salvation and Justification has been fulfilled already in Christ and it is up to mankind to understand that, believe that (Justification by faith), and live according to that.


Cool, I’m glad I’m not the only one who see the link :sunglasses:

Unfortunately, optimistic post-millennialism doesn’t make for as good entertainment in popular novels or movies. People get excited about an apocalypse!


Even though I am not what some call “full preterist” this website makes a good argument for this subject. … alism.html