Does Robin have plans for other EU books after ASBW?


I’m excited by the upcoming release of “All Shall Be Well” (can it be pre-ordered anywhere?) and wondered if Robin had any plans for other EU books?


Good question!

So I’ll post here to sign up for thread tracking, in case he answers. :mrgreen:


Hi Alex,

Robin typically announces his publishing plans on his blog For example, he also recently published a commentary on Lamantations with Eerdmans. And he tends to repost publishing plans related to EU in this forum in “Gregory’s Corner.” So far, he hasn’t announced any new books, but keep tuned to his blog and here.

I know how Wipf & Stock, the publisher of All Shall Be Well, handles new releases. They have no pre-ordering, but they’re quick with their small run printing while you can order directly from After the book has been available for few weeks, then Amazon and Barns & Noble will also have it available online.


From Robin’s blog: