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Does this make atheists hypocrites?

So most atheists like to say God is evil because of slavery and him killing so many people in the OT. However I have found that most atheists believe in torturing and killing people, as long as the person is deemed evil enough. For example I browse Reddit and every time a story in the news shows up on the reddit home page, of some one who was busted for child molestation or a rapist, pretty much 99% of the comments are people who say he should be killed, then another person will comment and say child molesters deserve to be tortured and the death penalty is to merciful for them. Most Reddit users are atheists, so we can be sure that most people commenting in these articles are atheists. To me this makes them clear hypocrites, they believe god was evil for killing the Canaanites and enslaving them for child sacrifice and other wickedness, yet they believe in not only killing, but torturing our modern version of Canaanites, child rapists and abusers.

If they believe God was evil for killing the Canaanites, how can they be atheists?