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Dose the the Temptation deny the sons pre existence?

If Trinitarian theology believes, that the son coexisted in the God head as the eternal son, and refer to Gen 1:26 as proof of his existence at creation, backed by col 1:16. How was it possible that Satan can tempt him [The son] with all the kingdoms of the earth, if he falls down and worships him, when he [The son] made them with in the God head and they are his already ? Also why did Satan say [If] you are the son of God/ notice Satan doesn’t say [if] you are Jesus the messiah, he specifically says SON of God, Which often in trinitarian theology is said to be the eternal part of Christ that’s always existed with in the God head. Would Satan not already know who the eternal son was ? For satan himself was created [by/ through] the eternal son through whom All things were brought into existence.

Now if the above statement is incorrect, and Satan did know who the son was, then surely they both only knew /found out at Jesus baptism that he Jesus was declared / confirmed the son of God. Gods declaration at Christ’s baptism set Satan about trying to tempt Christ to prove to Himself who he was [ie] the son of God, Satan said In Genesis Did God really say not to eat of the tree ?? Now here we have Satan suggesting did God really call you his son ? Satan both times casting doubt on God’s word. Satan tried to give the son of God all the kingdom rule, without Christ having to suffer. Therefore in my opinion, this strongly points to the fact the eternal son never did create all with in the Eternal God head, how can you tempt a being with something that is already there’s ?

If Satan knew the son was the eternal one and the son also knew he himself was the eternal one, then what’s the point of this meaningless temptation [ie] Satan surely would know that The God cannot be tempted with evil intensions. James 1:13.


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There is no end to the confusions brought about by Trin thinking.
Have you been do Dale Tuggy’s site,

Hi Dave.

I have heard Dr Dale Tuggy give a few talks via YouTube. Also I have watched his kindly debate with Dr M Brown concerning Christs divinity.But as of yet I haven’t visited his site. Thank you for the link, I will be sure to give it a browse through.


Duh. That’s not surprising - is it Dave? - when Paul, in 1 Tim 3:16, calls the whole matter a “mystery”?

That’s right once again Norm!! and Paul wrote that BEFORE any purported Trin theories hundreds of years later.
I hope you don’t fall into the camp of those who say that Trin must be true, because we can’t understand it?

I hope you don’t fall into the camp of those who say that Trinitarianism cannot be true, because you can’t understand it. Perhaps you are great at solving mysteries? Maybe you know who is the murderer on page 1 of an Agatha Christie whodunnit? lol. :roll_eyes:

Supposedly Constantine knew the answer that Paul didn’t - or the various councils knew the answer, to the extent that they could explain it using Greek philosophical terms that noone understood then or now. So - do you accept that THEY knew the mystery?
Never mind - it’s one of those things that cannot be argued.

I wholeheartedly agree, bro’. I really don’t know why I allow myself to get involved in some of these topics on this forum. That’s not true, I enjoy a good argument. :grin:


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