Driscoll on Lazarus & Hell


I can guess where this is going :neutral_face:

Not surprising, we have talked about Lazarus many time on this forum. I agree with Robin, that Jesus isn’t actually trying to describe hell, but is rather just reusing a common Pharisaical story, but inverting the characters in it to make a point to them.


Yeah, Amy showed me those twitter posts in my relatives’ church in PA today (back now). OMG. :open_mouth: Not looking forward to this.

I was toying with the idea months ago of emailing him another interpretation of that passage (not necessarily explicitly universalistic, just not drenched with doom theology and focusing more on Jesus’ first-will-be-last and last-will-be-first theology) but honestly Mark is super stubborn and it probably would’ve had about as much affect as throwing jello at a brick wall. :confused: :laughing: I also didn’t quite know how to state it because I haven’t studied up on it too much.

Excuses, excuses, I know. But I’m also just interested to see his own personal take on it…


It’s worth a try, as God has used far less then jelly to knock down walls!

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
And the walls came tumbling down!
(pilgrim would be proud :smiley: )


Yes! Well done.
Another example of a SS song making light of death and destruction. It seems my upbringing was full of such stuff.

Thanks Alex :wink:


Aw, man! There was a one day window for us to post questions about hell for him to answer in his sermon… and I totally missed it. I would’ve asked about the verses in Peter’s epistle that imply that people will be saved from hell.

Anyway, this is his view on hell:



That’s quite profound, yet ironic, given EU is trying to “extend” the reach of grace and ECT is trying to “restrict” it :neutral_face:


Ungh. I know, right? :confused:

This stuff upsets you all the more when you’re so close to it. :frowning:


It would be interesting to know why it’s hard. E.g. Because it controversial at the moment or because he is sad to say so many going to ECT?