Driscoll points out something interesting (useful?) on hell


Don’t be put off by the front cover :unamused:

Only skimmed first few paragraphs and looked at further reading where to my great surprise I found “The Evangelical Universalist”!! :sunglasses:

Direct link:
christianhistorymagazine.org … s/hell.pdf

Please could someone read this and give us feedback…


They sure didn’t give too many lines to the Evangelical Universalist.

Can’t these folks ever write a neutral report without labelling folks as either “conservative” “traditional” “liberal”. Or mentioning that those who may not follow the “traditional” path also follow less “traditional” beliefs.

Don’t they see that by peppering the article by labelling the different views in this fashion, that they influence the reader. Most will see the word “conservative” and assume safety and fear those teachings that the editors label “liberal”. Most people have been so conditioned in this way, that they will not give the time of day to anything labelled “liberal” or “non-traditional”. I know, I was such a person once. :blush: I never would read any book that was not published by my list of “safe” publishers. :open_mouth: That’s how I had been discipled. :frowning:

And how many times do they have to mention that this “conservative” book has a forward by J.I. Packer. :wink:

Their bias bled everywhere.

Otherwise, it was an all-right article, IMO. It gave a few new resources that I had not heard of before.


I thought it was a well done survey. I don’t know enough to verify from my own knowledge that it’s all correct, but from what I do know, it seems right. Universalism gets fair treatment and that’s worth a lot.

It’s true that people will be influenced by descriptions such as “conservative” etc, but that’s as it may be. Not everyone will be open to exploring ideas outside their comfort zone, and conservative theology has the big stick of FEAR to keep people in line.

The blurb on The Evangelical Universalist reads:

That sure would have been enough to get my attention before I believed in UR. I didn’t see how it was possible to remain true to Scripture and believe that all people would be saved. In fact it was just such a suggestion which first influenced me to start looking to see if it could be so.



Thanks URPilgrim & Sonia, your feedback was helpful :slight_smile: