Driscoll tweets "Rob Bell: Universalist? – Justin Taylor"!


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Rob Bell trending Ike crazy on Twitter, especially after John Piper tweeted “Farewell Rob Bell”!! Big backlash against universalism :frowning: But good to see some defending him and UR :slight_smile:


Have to wait for the book! It did sound at one point in his video that he was questioning the idea that belief in Jesus was necessary.



Yes, I definitely want to see what approach he takes. Very interesting–this is huge publicity for universalism. I hope he will describe a universalism that keeps Christ in the center–not what most think of when they hear the term!



If he doesn’t, then this will be a huge promotional problem for Christian universalism (generally speaking), as we will be constantly accused of having the same religiously pluralistic beliefs, regardless of what we say.


I found a blog post by a guy who’s read the book:

being-the-body.blogspot.com/2011 … -wins.html

Here’s an excerpt with quotes from the book:


Why does the title of the thread mention Driscoll when the writer is a one “Justin Taylor”.
Thoroughly confused here!


Driscoll linked the article by Taylor.


I am still amazed that so many Christians seem to want hell to be a fact. To me it says something about us as a whole. I have admitted that I am simply agnostic about the whole thing, but there is no way that I want ANYONE to burn for eternity. It seems to me that these folks don’t want love to win, they’d rather see “hate win” or “wrath win”… or do they want their “pet doctrine to win”?


I would really like to know which part of the video he was talking about?


Extra irony that Driscoll tweets this morning, “Preaching Luke #65 Lk. 15:11-32 The Parable of the Prodigal Son today. Most comprehensive work I’ve done on religion.” :neutral_face:


From the review:


I know it. :neutral_face:

Driscoll is definitely not a fire and brimstone preacher although the other week he did warn about the dangers of everlasting punishment. He actually gives a very sweet picture of Christ as the shepherd or the widow who seeks us until we’re found (remember, reformed theology - also that message was today for most campuses which are delayed a week). But like, when he was talking about great rejoicing by God over a lost one being saved and related how this is his favorite part of his job or one of and began reading testimonies, he said how if one 87 year old mentioned were to be saved, how long Christ would have been seeking him.

I was so with him until that point. :neutral_face: It’s perfectly evident that people coming to Christ is a huge source of delight for him. You know he’s passionately in love with Christ and his redemption but he just hasn’t carried it all the way through I guess. It’s a bit hard to sit still at those moments, in a manner of speaking.