Emergent Church?


What is “the emergent church movement”?


Just google Brian McLaren, he has for years been considered one of the leaders of the movement along with Tony Jones, Leonard Sweet, etc.
Also known as “Vintage Christianity” The basis in their thinking has shifted from a more systematic thought pattern to the realm of experience base. More of a mystical spirituality, they seek to draw from knowledge and or practices from the early Desert Fathers for example. Practices such as solitude/silence and contemplation. In their services you would find the use of silence, candles and incense. They tend to lean towards a more interspiritual point of view, that all roads (Hindu, Buddism Etc) lead to the Divine Mystery they call God.
Like I said, this “authentic spirituality” downplays biblical doctrine and emphasizes more the mystical experience. A proper biblical balance of both I believe is more the path to be travelled.
Just my opion


Friends of mine who are involved put less emphasis on detailed doctrine and more on Christian practice. They think you learn more by doing than by hearing. They emphasize community (both within and outside the church group), mission, mutual accountability, informality of worship, a suspicion of (and impatience with) institutions, the importance of establishing new and relevant ways of “doing church”. Some in the movement might emphasize religious pluralism, but all those I know who are involved are thoroughly Christ-centered.


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