Emergent Conversation w/ Juergen Moltmann


Good news for all Juergen Moltmann fans. He will be in Illinois from September 9-11, 2009 as part of the Emergent Theological Conversation. The link for the event is:


It’s limited to 300 people. I’m seriously considering attending, coming down from Minneapolis. Past “interlocuters” (since 2000) have been Nancey Murphy, Dallas Willard, Stanley Hauerwas, Walter Brueggemann, Miroslav Volf, John Caputo, and Richard Kearney. Some pretty big names. It’s $195 plus lodging/food expense.

Anyone up for going? I’ve read one Moltmann book (The Coming of God) and have another one (The Crucified God) I ordered but haven’t read. Would be a good opportunity to meet some fellow “EU’ers”.


That looks excessively kewl. My management duties leave me unable to do much of this sort of thing. (e.g., I was going to attend a conference just down the road at Lambuth this weekend, featuring Peter Kreeft on Christian apologetics–but that changed this morning thanks to learning a new detail here at work that we’ll have to accommodate in order to finish a job in time.) I’ll try to plan ahead for this, but…

ETA: well, I’ve registered; but God only knows whether I’ll be able to attend.

(But I guess that’s true of whether I’ll be able to go to lunch today, either. Or even live until lunch. :mrgreen: )


I tried registering sans credit card, but no luck! I prefer not to give out my credit card in case I forget to cancel by the deadline, but I’m willing to if necessary.

Anyone else want to go? Would love to get a group of us together. What a perfect opportunity, but maybe a bit far for some of you?


I didn’t have any problem registering without a card. (I agree, I was horrified to see that option without the slightest bit of security on the page.) I just checked the box stating I would send a check, and the credit-card option thingy instantly went away.


I was able to register w/out a CC. Yeah! So, it looks like it may be a go. Pretty soft response so far. Who else is willing to go? This should be a VERY cool conference. Yeah, you’ll have to take 3 days off of work, but that sounds pretty good in September.


In today’s economic climate? Eh, maybe not so much… :laughing:

I don’t blame people for not planning way far ahead on this. Between airfare, hotels, food, car rental… I’ll have to save up some myself. (And I have the advantages of a job with a weekly salary, no wife or dependents, and more-or-less no life. :laughing: On the other hand, that job with the weekly salary may require me to be here, too, instead of there. No way to predict otherwise in advance.)


As an unemployed student who just got a letter through from University this morning telling him me just how much accommodation will cost for the next three years… I’m going to have to say no! But yes, Moltmann is the Man :slight_smile: