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Emotions Anonymous

Outstanding! I’m getting great insights in this new book. I can see how it works. It’s a twelve step approach to dealing with emotional sickness. Much better than the AA/NA literature. They do believe in a healthy self-esteem, surrender, acceptance, trust, humility, forgiveness, amends, action, let go and let God, meditation, not controlling others etc., etc. I feel like I’m home with this one. Wish they had an EA group in my area. They do have online groups though. The book also has stories from people who have overcome their emotional difficulties though the 12 step principles to where they can function better. The stories are in the last half of the book

I also got this companion daily devotional from Emotions Anonymous.

This is a book of 366 daily meditation readings related to the Emotions Anonymous (EA) program, written by Emotions Anonymous members. It focuses on traditional twelve-step themes such as acceptance, making choices, confronting fears, not trying to control others, the concept of a Higher Power, love, meditation, learning to use emotions as assets rather than allowing them to become liabilities, positive attitudes, taking risks, self-acceptance, surrender and trust." from C. Talbert

Been writing my past life story and reading it to my close friend. Today as I think of my past it makes me fearful and shameful. As I look for the good in it I learn lessons about being a loving, gentle, compassionate, forgiving, good person. I wouldn’t want to relive my past. When I think about it I’m humbled and repentant. I hate the old me. Don’t want to be that person anymore.

After further pondering and meditation I’ve decided to love and accept that part of me that was hurting. I’m turning my whole self over to god past present and future. God promises to work all things good and bad together for my good. I surrender and trust God. I’m more at peace with my faith in God for my past. Having faith in God brings me into union with Christ as I have eternal significance and worth. The fruits of the Spirit are love joy peace faith patience kindness goodness and self control. The purpose of my past was to transform me into the likeness and image of Christ. This happens when I let go and trust God or have faith in God.