Encounter with the incubus


Kelly Cahill’s book “Encounter” (1993) is a must read for Bible students. There is so much information in it about the world of demons. First we learn that Kelly prayed to her Father for a sign. At the same moment her husband saw a light flash on the horizon. This means that all our prayers are immediately being registered somewhere in the universe. But it is not only God who listens to our prayers. Satan is still there.

The beings she had encountered were stereotype Dracula beings whom she called “incubus”. They had skinny bodies and red glowing eyes. They only appeared in the dark. In a later stage when she and her husband encountered a group of these beings who were involved in a ufo landing, they were hostile and agressive towards Kelly and her husband. First they shouted that they wanted to kill Kelly and her husband.

And there was a kind of interaction between Kelly her husband and these entities. They have sarcastic humor and claimed to be her father. They referred to Kelly’s prayer. They spoke perfectly English. Kelly shouted at them and they arrogantly asked her to keep her mouth shut.

Only when Kelly prayed to God - but forgot to name Jesus - these being seemed to be a bit confused. The leader of this gang touched Kelly on her shoulder. Everyone “out there” could have responded to her praying to her “Father”. Something that really draw my attention was that the incubus told her in a dream that she had murdered someone, which was not true of course. But the explanation for it was that these beings used her morals to temper her fear. Feeling guilty was a way to take away fear.

For more information I refer to Lynn Catoe’s research on UFOs and demons.


Demons I can buy. But so far, there’s no conclusive scientific evidence… proving the existence of UFO’s. And even if they do exist, they might possibly be Christian. :slight_smile:


TS, I recommend George Lamsa and Walter Wink’s writings for a less superstitious take on demons.


If someone believes in demons, they are real to that person. At one time, I believed to have seen/dreamed of succubi and it was a regular thing until I came to believe that it was all bunk. Never seen one sense. Spiritual bondage can be the result of believing that one is being assaulted.


Oh really these academic theologians like Walter Wink. He wrote in his book Naming the Powers:

We **moderns** cannot bring ourselves by any feat of will or imagination to believe in the real existence of these mythological entities that traditionally have been lumped under the general category "principalities and powers." We naturally assume that the ancients conceived of them and believed in them the same way we conceive of and disbelieve them. We think they thought the Powers quite literally as a variety of invisible demonic beings flapping around in the sky, occasionally targeting some luckless mortal with their malignant payload of disease, lust, possession, or death...

When we read the ancient accounts of encounters with these Powers, we can only regard them as **hallucinations**, since they have no physical referent. Hence we cannot take seriously their own descriptions of these encounters...

It is as impossible for most of us to believe in the real existence of demonic or angelic powers as it is to believe in dragons, or elves, or a flat world...

So far our ACADEMIC theologians with their university degrees. Had mister Wink ever read Kelly Cahill’s book Encounter? Did he ever watch Fire in the Sky with Travis Walton? The answer is NO.


TS do you have any evidence for demons other than unverifiable stories?


yes, let’s start quitting the obsession with verifying evidence. Then we have plenty of witnesses of ufo abductions and of demonic activities. We should take these witnesses seriously as the New Testament is a document of witnesses.


The UFO stuff reminds me of the X-files.

I can produce witnesses also, to the zombies in Haiti. Which would give credence to the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse.

And WHO exactly are these extraterrestrials, if they do exist? Christians? Super geniuses? Demons? Etc.? Perhaps they are Christians and got the message of service wrong. Like those in this Twilight Zone episode.



Just because someone believes one thing that can’t be empirically proven doesn’t mean he’s somehow obligated to uncritically accept every claim that can’t be empirically proven. Humans tell lies every day. I’ve never seen a demon or a flying saucer. Why is it more reasonable for me to believe that these are cases of demons existing rather than cases of humans lying?


OK. So everybody won’t be kept in suspense. Here’s the non-denominational site, Got Question’s take - on this topic.

So, Bombarie. How about taking the arguments made by Got Questions and produce a rebuttal? And for the record, their answers get my 100% - stamp of approval.


This is from the Christian Astrophysicist Hugh Ross. He explores the scientific evidence for there being life on other planets along with UFO abductions. His conclusion: These ET’s are demonic and are associated with the Occult. They can’t be creatures from other planets.


To get everyone in the mood, for this discussion. I present the BEST (???) UFO movie ever made. First some highlights. And for everyone’s delight - the FULL version.

Five minute highlights.

The full 1 hour (approximately) version


I guess I can afford another two cents and pass on my experience pertinent to the topic. I described a demonic encounter in the autobiography I have written for posterity’s sake. The point I’d draw to your attention is how a demonic “presence” was experienced by both me and my wife Alida. When two are in agreement about anything it is more likely to be factual than not.

Quote from ‘The Story of My Life’::

"Returning to the story about the demon, one day I had to visit London for some meeting. I stayed the night with Mam, sleeping in the smallest of the four bedrooms. I woke up in the middle of the night with the strong impression I was not alone in the room. My body was physically shaking all over from head to foot. I remember thinking that it must be the Holy Spirit. I opened my mouth, fully expecting to start speaking in tongues. Nothing came out. The shaking stopped, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I thought I must have had a particularly realistic dream. I said nothing to Alida when I returned to Hogley Farm the next day.

A few weeks later, both Alida and I were visiting Mam together. We were sleeping in the front bedroom on a double bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up with a start. Once again, my entire body was shaking as it had before. At the same time, Alida cried out, her voice quivering with fear. I instinctively reached over and put my arm around her. “There,” she cried, “it’s right beside the bed. It has a flaming finger that’s pointing at you. It is saying it’s going to get you.” We prayed and the presence departed.

"It was a demon that had visited us that night. There may have been a history of demonic activity related to the previous occupant of that house. The next day, I contacted the West View pastor and he came and prayed over the house, asking the Lord for His protection and the removal of that evil spirit. It never returned, to the best of my knowledge.

“Alida and I shared 53 years of our lives together as believers. She was the “help fit for him” that God gave me. She was strong in her faith, much more spiritual and closer to the Lord than I, and strong in her spiritual care of our nine children. She never aspired to, nor wanted, any recognition from the churches we attended. Her home was her mission place. In it she provided a safe haven, comfort, friendship and understanding to any and all who entered it.”

“Alida is now in heaven. Her reward one day will be great. “Her children rise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her” (Prov 31: 28).”

I trust I haven’t broken any rules by recording such personal material. It may prove helpful, assuming it is relevant. On the other hand, it may not.

Shin Lim and Sorcery

This threat starter has this premise, on ALL their threads here. That demons are real and can do supernatural stuff. Well, I’ll buy into both those premises. But there are things I won’t buy into.

Like demons are the cause of ALL sickness and illness. What do we think science and nature are for? We live in a fallen world and fallen nature.


Demons are the cause of UFOs, UFO visits, etc. I CAN’T even find evidence of this stuff, in the supermarket tabloids.

Well, let’s say that demons are doing these things. And this might even trigger, the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse.

But even if demons are as powerful as God - which they are NOT. And they can do ALL these things, like alien visits. Well, many of this UFO stuff - can be explained away by science. Folks can have hallucinations, experience side effects of prescription and recreational drugs, etc.

If a person is possessed by a demon - for example. You will find the Roman Catholic church…if they take the case…to first have medical specialists, rule out organic causes and abnormal psychosis.

Let’s see what the non-denominational site, Got Questions - has to say:

And some popular Christian TV evangelists, have Christian doctrines STRANGER than some presented here. As Matt Slicks article from today’s email mentions at Did Jesus die spiritually?

And Christians have Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Angels - to call upon. Which is more powerful than any demons.

I think some here - and outside here…want to blame demons for EVERYTHING.


I admit to knowing only a few of the appellations given to the states in the US, but I can reasonably assume that Holy Fool comes from Missouri.


t’s kind of like Scully and Mulder, of the X-files. First I look for a scientific explanation like Scully (a medical doctor and FBI agent) would. And if there isn’t any, then I would look for a supernatural explanation - like Mulder would.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Arthur Conan Doyle

For example, in this Seinfeld episode…perhaps demons were hanging around and caused the “interesting” smell…but I think there is a scientific explanation:


Funny how strong the correlation is between people who are evangelical and claim to see demons. No one in my circle of associates is evangelical, and, you guessed it, none of them has claimed to see demons. If you’re in a frenzied state, you will imagine all sorts of things. It would be a strange irony for the most “religious” people to be the most vulnerable to being harmed by these creepy crawlies.


Qaz, I can only presume you believe that my testimony I gave of the experience I related of my wife and me was a figment of two separate imaginations. Not very likely, I submit.

Matthew 18:19-20 - “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father …”.

And I am not at all sure why you appear to derogate the term "evangelical"ˌ

From Websters Dictionary:

adjective: evangelical
of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion.




My religious participation has only been within “mainline” Protestant and RC churches. I was using the term “evangelical” as a distinction from those churches, who also meet the definition you gave. Within them I’ve never heard one person claim to see a “demon”.

To read Matthew 18:19-20 as saying that if two people claim to see a demon they must be telling the truth, is nonsense. It doesn’t say anything remotely like that.


Well, now you have

It would be nonsense if indeed I made that claim, but I didn’t. I was merely pointing out that the testimony of two people should carry very much more weight than one individual.