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End Times babylon and Atlantis



I have also read the Dutch translation of Thomas Talbott’s Inescapable Love of God. I dedicated my website to the theology of the salvation of all. As a former atheist a new world was opened to me when I read the studies of Adolph Ernest Knoch. But now I want to make my point. I have been obsessed with Atlantis all my life, especially during my youth. So I have tried to discover Atlantis in the Bible. First I thought it was Tarshish. But after long research I discovered that Tarshis is Great Britain (not Spain) while Ophir is the city of Opis on the Tigris. Then I discovered that Atlantis is nothing else than End Times Babylon. It was mirrored in time and space and fits within the principle of Tzafon. Babylon is both the northern and eastern dimension of Tzafon while the Sphinx in Cairo is the southern dimension. In Exodus 14 the sphinx is named baal tzafon. Plato’s Atlantis was the western dimension on the horizon. For this mirroring principle I used the book Cydonia Codex by George Haas and Williamd Saunders. In Zacharia 5:11 the rebuilding of Babylon is mentioned. In Revelation 1718 we read about its rise and fall. This is precisely what happened to Atlantis. The two storylines of Athens and Atlantis seem even to cover the ministries of the apostles John and Paul. I believe that the End Times will begin around 2030, two thousand years after the resurrection. To my opinion End Times Babylon has to be rebuilt before that time. A great book on Babylon was written by Andrew Scheil: Babylon Under Western Eyes. My 600 page book on Atlantis as Babylon is free on the internet. The bad news: it is in Dutch language.

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The Babylon of Revelation is clearly Jerusalem.


It is clearly located in Sinear, which is Iraq. And it is on the Euphrates. And it will be destroyed forever while Jerusalem will be rebuilt. By the way, when Babylon as the last city will be destroyed, Jesus is already back and the Kingdom of Christ has already been established in Israel. Below is not my website but gives a good overview.


Bablyon killed the prophets (Rev 16:6). The Jews killed the prophets (Matthew 23:29-31)
Babylon killed the Lord (Rev 11:8). The Jews killed the Lord (1 Thessalonians 2:14-16)
Babylon killed Jesus’ prophets (Rev 18:20-24). The Jews killed Jesus’ prophets (Matthew 23:34)
Babylon was drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs (Rev 17:6). Upon Jerusalem would come all the blood of the righteous shed on earth (Matthew 23:35)


again: read Zacharia 5:11; Babylon is rebuilt in Sinear. Jerusalem is not their. A plausible explanation is that Endtimes Babylon will be a dependance of Jerusalem.


This etching by Paula Rego connects and Alice in Wonderland kind of scenario to End Times Babylon in Zacharia 5:clock11: How Many Miles to Babylon; Can I Get There By Candlelight?


I think the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ link with this ‘Sinear End Times Babylon’ scenario rather apt :grin: