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Engaging Russell Moore—Is Universalism compatible with Christianity?

It’s refreshing that Moore acknowledges that there are different types of universalism and that Christian Universalists believe that the reconciliation to God is “through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus”, rather than trying to dismiss them as pluralists—the “all roads lead to Heaven” cliché. However, his case against universalism is…

I don’t know much about him but he appears to be Southern Baptist so probably Arminian…

Actually, it’s legitimate to say that universalism IS Christianity. :slight_smile:

I think he is asking the wrong question, actually. IOW there is not this particular defined thing that IS ‘Christianity’: there are flavors, there are different emphases and interpretations. Moore can only point to a particular take on religion and ask if universalism is compatible with THAT take; if “his” Christianity is not compatible with universalism (or vice-versa) then you’re left with either your calvinism or your annihilationism. No shoving the duck.

Moore wishes universalism were true… interesting — he must conclude he has more love in his heart for all than does God; go figure!?


I suspect he would say that God wishes it even more than he does but that God “respects people’s free will” and so let’s it thwart His plans :frowning:

You’re probably right Alex… but what loving parent allows an ill-informed child to wilfully play with a loaded gun — I guarantee the parent’s will contravenes the child’s will every time, even in spite of any vociferous protestations; there comes a time sooner or later somewhere when the child comes to sheepishly realise… “oh ok.”

Indeed, the “free will defence” raises significant concerns…