Eph 1:10 The Summing up of All Things in Christ


My pastor is currently teaching through Ephesians, and I’ve very much been enjoying the series, in spite of expected doctrinal differences. Right now, doing some work at my desk and listening online to his sermon from a couple of weeks ago on “Summing up all things in Christ,” I’m reveling in the glory of this revealed mystery of God’s purpose in Christ. Wow! I’m filled with more praise than I know how to express!

This sermon is almost universalistic. I’m not quite sure how he can say everything he says about all things being united in Christ, and miss what seems so obvious to me … but that’s ok … I don’t know how many times I read those verses and was completely blind to the full implications there. But I think he sees that possible interpretation and dismisses it, because he says at one point, “It doesn’t say that everyone will be saved–that’s not the point here …” and goes on to say that the point is that eventually all will acknowledge Christ’s authority and headship–every knee will bow. Which, to my ear, sounds universalistic too :sunglasses: – what else could it mean but that they are saved? – but I know he’s simply meaning an authoritarian style of rulership/submission. And of course that doesn’t fit with our Lord’s example and teaching on leadership and service.

He said, “The bottom line is uniting all creating beings and all created things in His Son.” How they could be united in Christ and still be enemies or at least “unsaved” is beyond me! LOL “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive!”

I liked this quote he gave by FF Bruce:
“When all the times and seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority have run their course, God’s age-long purpose which he planned in Christ will attain it’s full fruition.”

I just felt like sharing … it’s such an incredible joy to me to ponder on this ‘mystery of his will’ that God has revealed!



I enjoyed very much reading your joyous feelings in that post :smiley: . Even in a secular court if it is discovered that a confession has been forced out of someone then it is no longer admissible as evidence - how much more so in a heavenly court. It is also significant, I think, that it is only when all enemies have been brought under Christ with bent knee and free confession on their lips that the kingdom is said to be complete and can be offered to the Father. While one sheep remains lost then the 99 cannot be a complete flock (kingdom).

I sometimes allow myself the indulgence of daydreaming about that very scenario; I’ve just sneaked into the back of the kingdom at the last minute (I imagine it as a big hall and I’m pressed by the crowd against the doors which have just been locked - I’ve left it that late :unamused: ) and am grinning sheepishly (of course). I wave at a few people I recognise and just catch them saying incredulously ‘What’s HE doing here??’.


Yes Sonia! Totally agree.

Does this jive with what you’re sharing?



It’s a joy reading about your joy! :mrgreen:

and I like your comments too Jeff :sunglasses:

is such a great phrase to use in any story.


Hi Sonia, I too can so relate to your excitement over the verse that just as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive. I looked over that verse so many times too and now when I read it, it gives me the biggest smile! Thanks for sharing this! I like that FF Bruce quote too! I always gets so excited to share things like this and then realize none of my Christian friends will be in agreement as to how wonderful a notion it is. How wonderful to have a place, like this forum, where we can encourage each other! I need to check in more.


Absolutely! That’s a great thread, Tom, and I don’t think it’s a ‘stretch’ at all. I really do thing that Paul means everything, in the fullness of the times, will be summed up/united/gathered together into Christ! The Church is the first installment–the down payment–of the inheritance.



:sunglasses: I’ll be looking for you, Jeff!



Hi Amy!

Did you just join? Welcome! I hope you will stick around and give us an intro!



Sonia, I am Gene’s wife, Amy, and Bob’s daughter. I gave an intro. way back, under a different login name (faith, hope, love), but recently reregistered with my name. I definitely have enjoyed over the years reading people’s posts, even though I haven’t participated much. I’m not sure why I haven’t contributed more. I guess I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to contribute, but I’m probably wrong about that. I feel like I know so many of you through my husband and dad. The various forum topics will often come up at the dinner table and who said what. I was so happy to learn of you, my age, on here even while having 5 children and homeschooling! That’s so amazing! It’s nice to be amongst people that share the same hope. I’m not sure how much I have to contribute, but I’m here and very blessed by all the interaction!


Hi Amy,

Nice to see you post again. The less noisy guest at the dinner table often contributes with more insight than the rowdy ones as they have been listening and thinking about what is being said rather than preparing to spout at the first sign of a break in the conversation. I also try to remember that it is said ‘empty vessels make most noise…’ :wink:


I’m glad to meet you, Amy Gene’s-Wife!

I don’t always feel like I have anything to contribute either, but I just start typing, and sometimes something (I consider) worth posting comes out. Other times, nothing will come but incoherent gibberish, and then I just delete. :laughing:

George MacDonald wrote:
“One great help to the understanding of things is to brood over them as a hen broods over her eggs: words are thought-eggs, and their chickens are truths…”

He’s talking there about memorizing scripture (the whole gospel of John in Greek!) in order to better brood over the thoughts and hatch out their truths, but it works well the other way too: Sometimes I best lay hold of my own thoughts by trying to adequately put them into words. Shadowy wisps of thought flit through my mind and I can’t get a good look at them until I try to give them shape in words.

It’s nice to know you’re out there, and I hope you’ll post more often!



I’m thankful for the option to delete! I do tend to be a bit of aperfectionist though and if I’m not careful I could spend all day rethinking, rewording, deleting, and starting all over again, seriously! I admire the ones that are able to communicate their ideas so well. I hope to participate more than I have. Sure have loved catching up on stuff here.