I have been pondering the thought that there must be equality with regard to both judgement and mercy extended to each individual. My reasoning is that upon the full realization of Christ we will have experienced the fullness of both judgement and mercy.

I have never seen this discussed as a topic. If there is an old discussion on the subject please point me in the direction. If not your present thoughts would be welcome.

By the way I have certainly enjoyed my participation here at EU. I appreciate all your thoughts and the time and joy you seem to take in the expression of them. Also I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Jason for working so hard to present and maintain such a beautiful platform for the awesome discussions that take place here.



John my friend!

This is where you mystical types get it all wrong. There is only ‘potential’ judgement and ‘potential’ mercy they are abstract concepts and guess what - WE get to choose which one is actually instantiated in our experience YAY! :smiley:

So which one is it to be? Eternal judgement or Eternal mercy - you decide - it’s the ultimate reality show! :smiling_imp:

I only post here because the discussion han’t included scripture yet at which time I’ll bow out

also - I think it’s Auggy that maintains the site (Jason is more spiritual maintenance :wink: )


Jeff, okay with “judgement” I probably worded it wrong or didn’t define it very well. I am thinking of judgement more in terms of “suffering in the flesh” as did Jesus to learn obedience. Also I would mention the other side of suffering that “makes one a worthy priest” as in one that can empathize with his brother. Of course with the term “flesh” I think of the soul, the seat of the flesh.

I’ve long time maintained judgement is the better part of mercy so I should have known to be clearer in my question. It seems after 25 years of being free of the doctrine of eternal torment in hell, I no longer think negatively in terms of judgement thus this may be a reason for my poor conveyance.

And it is good to know who is responsible for the mechanics of the site. So thank you Augy and would say I do appreciate Jason in his moderating … he is the mod isn’t he?

Anyway be blessed and I hope to garner some thoughts, as to my original question with the term “judgement” now better clarified,



John - my apologies I was being flippant I’m afraid :smiley:

and yes - Jason is a mod.


No prob Jeff. Remember, besides being a mystic I believe we are all just puppets. :laughing:


I have a great soft spot for the mystical tradition. Have you ever read anything by Gerard W. Hughes? He’s a jesuit priest (he’s about 85 years old now) and, apart from being a shining example of a loving Christian, I’m sure he is a Universalist (even though he has never expressly said as much). He often references the great mystics of the past in his writings (which are anchored in an earthy faith that gets down and dirty in work with the poor and with peace and justice work - what does the OT say? let justice flow like a river - he is big on ecumenism too). He is very iconoclastic as well and never hesitates to criticise the Catholic Church when it takes its own institution too seriously or when its ceremonies and traditions stop being pointers to God but become idols.